June has arrived, discover the best events across the globe

June has arrived with an abundance of events across the globe. Here’s our list of must-see happenings!


May 31 – Jun 2: Jeroboam Asiago Plateau

Find awesome trails, make new friends on the ride. Everyone has their own challenge and experience, but we all share one goal – discover the world on the bike! You can choose from four diffrent destination while each one provides a completely different experience, offering new places to explore with breathtaking scenery and delicious food, you’ll always sense the vibrant Jeroboam Series atmosphere!

Asiago Plateau is the first event of the series, located in Veneto Italy it offers four diffrent distances 37,5km/75km/150km/300km to live and indcredible adventure

Jun 1-2: Geogravel Tuscany

Inspired by the wild beauty of the Metalliferous Hills, this is a journey into the heart of the geothermal territory, amidst lunar landscapes, roads unknown to civilization, and forests straight out of a Brothers Grimm tale. For the first time on these screens, an adventure that leaves you breathless, discovering a Tuscany never seen before.

Jun 7-9: BAM! Bicycle Adventure Meeting 2024

BAM! means magic — transforming some of the most bike-friendly places in Italy into an incredible festival, where people ride, enjoy stories, music, beers, local products — and hang out into the moonlight.

Is an opportunity to talk about bikes and cycling tourism, to learn about new products, to meet first-hand the most inspiring people and brands in the industry, and to explore new territories. It’s a chance to share a bike adventure with people that, like you, see the world from behind the handlebars.

Jun 15-16: Dislivello Negativo Bike Trail

Dislivello negativo bike trail was born from Mauro Raineri’s passion for cycling and adventure.Inspired by various trails he has ridden over the years, he attempted to complete the circle around Lake Iseo, passing through the most scenic points.In the past 10 years, he has done this route multiple times, modifying passages and trails to make it as comprehensive as possible. The challenges of the terrain are abundant, but at the same time, the views reward the efforts made.Do you accept the challenge?

Jun 21-23: Scaramello Gravel

Scaramello is a journey through the magical Romagna, from the coast to the gentle hills of the hinterland, discovering a region rich in traditions and emotions. The ‘Scaramello’ project was born from the desire to share the traditions and landscapes that characterize us, through a journey across the most iconic locations of the region, hoping to leave a small piece of Romagna in your heart as well.


Jun 1-4: Unbound Gravel

“To be unbound is to be untethered and unrestrained. The term’s pre-12th century origins illicit notions of liberation and escape. Those who are unbound embrace life without limits or restrictions. The word owns many definitions and derivations, but each one ultimately reaches the same finish line. 

To be unbound is to be free. It’s the spirit that 4,000 riders bring with them to the Flint Hills of Kansas for one weekend each spring; the spirit of an event that began with 34 participants in 2006 and now stands as the “World’s Premier Gravel Event.” And so it is fitting that the event and its organization, the one embodied by a limitless ethos that calls Emporia home, now has a name to match its ferocious spirit.” -Emporia Gazette

Jun 15: 3T Gravel Demo Day – Maple Sally

This is the second ride in the Rhoddie Bicycle Outfitters gravel series. This 33-mile adventure has 3,300 feet of climbing. Come experience this popular Pisgah route and enjoy a post-ride picnic at Wilson Creek.

Jun 20: 3T Road Demo Day – Valle Crucis

Blood, Sweat & Gears is a high country classic. Two mileage options – a friendly 45 or the challenging 95 up Snake Mountain. Road cyclists from all over our region enjoy this annual rendezvous.


Jun 15-16: The National Cycling Show

The National Cycling Show is an immersive retail experience enabling consumers to try and buy everything from bikes to accessories. The show aims to normalise cycling, attract new audiences and show that there is a bike for everyone. This arena allows all levels and disciplines to purchase exactly what they need to achieve their cycling goals.

The show brings together the industry to educate, inspire and motivate, from road bikers, gravel, mountain and commuters. It will also inspire those who already have a passion for exercising outdoors to invest in cycling. The geographical location of the event attracts more of the UK, therefore making cycling more accessible.


Jun 15-16: Dustman X – Suan Phueng


Dustman Experience (Dustman X) is another jolly gravel journey that is not a race, but it’s rather a rehearsal course for beginner to expert levels whether you want to fulfill your gravel experience or start a new gravel journey, Dustman X is here for you all!  You simply need to finish your ride within 6 hours.  As soon as you across the finish line, a yummy buffet lunch is waiting for you before driving back to your home… Let’s gather Dustman crowd to enjoy the half Sunday morning together!


Jun 20-23: Jeroboam Hynčice pod Sušinou

Jeroboam in the Czech Republic takes place in the heart of the Jeseniki Mountains. Basecamp of the event is Kolovna Bikecentrum and Kolovna penzion in the village of Hynčice pod Sušinou.

Find awesome trails, make new friends on the ride. Everyone has their own challenge and experience, but we all share one goal – discover the world on the bike!