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3Travel Amazing gems guided by Rolling Dreamers

Together with our friends over at Rolling Dreamers we’re soon heading out to Morocco for an amazing expedition, but don’t worry if you didn’t make it to Morocco, we got more trips coming up, let’s take a look at the Rolling Dreamers have planned this year:

8 – 12 May

Via Francigena: four days, 400km and 7150m

After Morocco, the second of our open tours coming year with Rolling Dreamers is the extraordinary Via Francigena Tour. Via Francigena is an ancient Pilgrim’s way leading to Rome. Guided by experts, a select group of cyclists will journey from Florence through Chianti’s slopes adorned with vines, olive groves, and Tuscan farmhouses. Exploring the Eroica, Nova Eroica, and Giro d’Italia territories, the adventure unveils cycling history.

The second day ventures into the Val d’Orcia, with spread-out hills and arable lands, leading to Lazio’s northernmost limits. You’ll be staying in the Castle of Proceno, an iconic castle situated on the border between the italian regions of Tuscany and Lazio ever since they were still the Papal States and the  Grand Duchy of Tuscany in medieval times. Waking up in this idyllic place leads into the eploration through lesser-known areas as Aquapendente, and the enchanting Lago di Bolsena. After which troute proceeds to Viterbo, concluding the third day with a final climb.

Finally this trip brings us to Rome! Passing Monte Gelato’s waterfalls, Campagnano di Roma’s challenging wall, and the Veio Regional Park. The Via Francigena transforms into a bike path along the Tiber, guiding cyclists to central Rome. Our journey culminates in Saint Peter’s Square, completing the memorable 4-day adventure through Tuscany, Lazio, and the historic pilgrimage route with 3T.

For all Dutch and Flemish participants a 10-week preparation program especially designed by Fondo, the Dutch Cycling Federation’s training app, is available.

22 – 29 June

Dolomites Gravel: five days, 300km and 9230m

The third of our Open Tours coming year will take us to the Dolomites in June. We will head into the mountains with Rolling Dreamers and their Dolomites Gravel Tour, a 6-night, 7-day cycling adventure. In all comfort you arrive a day before and leave a day after. So that’s 5 riding days with our expert guides, support van, and the nicest locations that the dolomites have to offer. Starting in Val di Fassa, the journey unfolds through undiscovered gravel roads to Val di Fiemme, culminating in the classic Dolomites experience: the famous mountains of Val Gardena. Guided by local experts, cyclists traverse lesser-known valleys, revealing unique differences in each region. Our Dolomites Gravel tour will sometimes truly surprise you; don’t expect crazy MTB trails that require a high level of technical skills, but rather summits of the Dolomites that offer perfect smooth gravel roads which will leave you with time and energy to look around and be stunned by the sensation of being on top of the world!

Beginning at 1000m, we navigate alternative dirt roads amid forests, meadows, limestone and the occasional tarmac road to connect a gravel section to another. The tour embraces forest trails and cycle paths in Val di Fiemme, Val di Fassa and Val Gardena in South-Tyrol / Alto-Adige. And of course, along the way, indulge in local specialties like Kaiserschmarrn and Canederli dumplings with speck or spinach.

For all Dutch and Flemish participants a 10-week preparation program especially designed by Fondo, the Dutch Cycling Federation’s training app, is available.

9 – 13 October

Via Francigena Women: four days, 400km and 7150m

The final of our Open Tours coming year is on the Francigena route, just as the Francigena tour described before. However this is a women-exclusive edition, led by former pro cyclist Giorgia Fraiegari. Like the classic Via Francigena, this journey weaves through the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany and Lazio, offering a unique blend of nature, history, and empowerment.

We designed this women-only edition in order to give like-minded women cyclists the opportunity to ride with one another guided by an all-female staff. This allows you to ride without finding yourself in a masculine environment, since most bike tours are for at least 90% filled with men. A one to ten ratio, no matter the form or context, is likely to put you slightly off. But if for you that’s totally fine or even a pleasure, not to worry, we don’t have men-only tours on offer.

Let’s look back at the route; starting in Florence, the ride unfolds through rolling slopes adorned with vines and olive groves, transitioning into the famed Tuscan Strade Bianche, renowned also for the classic spring race at which your guide participated. Guided by Giorgia’s expertise will not only lead you across the gorgeous route but will also sure you with all the safety and technical tips & tricks you could need.

Venturing south during stage two the routes arrives at the border between Tuscany and Lazio where you will stay in the Castle of Proceno. During this stay you will encounter Cecilia, a true female powerhouse, she is the Lady of the castle and manages all of it is aspects no matter her age. Day three brings us into Northern Lazio along the shores of Lago di Bolsena and the city of Montefiascone, a city known also for its wines that you can find on the menu during your stay at the lakeside hotel at Lago di Vico later that day. Finally, on the fourth day, you will conclude this trip at Saint Peter’s Square. This women’s edition isn’t just a bike ride; it’s a self-discovery, empowerment, and camaraderie-filled adventure. Gear up and redefine your gravel biking experience with the Via Francigena Women Edition.