Legacy Resurrected: Introducing 3T’s Racemax Boost Italia 1961

A Reverent Tribute to Timeless Craftsmanship and Innovation—Unveiling a Special Edition Celebrating 3T's Founding Year and Embracing Vintage Roots in Cycling Excellence

Anyone who has visited this blog, even sporadically, in the last two years and knows a bit of 3T’s history cannot be unaware that its birth dates back to 1961 when Mario Dedioniggi left Ambrosio to found “Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese” (Turin Tube Technology). A few people know that the full name gave way to the acronym TTT only six years later: it was in 1961 when the logo also featured the number 3, accompanying the three letters in a single line.

The name 3T, with its logo consisting of a number and a letter, dates back to 2000 and is still how we identify our brand today. Yet, the connection with the company’s previous denomination has never ceased in the minds of enthusiasts, and it’s easy to hear someone, maybe while we are riding our Racemax, saying: ‘Ah, that’s a 3T! I have a stem of that brand on an old bike of my father’s!’

It’s needless to say how many things have happened from the founding years until today, and how much the company and its products have changed. However, we have always strongly felt this heritage, so we decided to give it visibility again by creating a revisited version of the logo in a vintage key.

The first place where we decided to imprint it (spoiler: it won’t be the only one!) is the downtube of 3T’s latest bike, the Racemax Boost Italia, launched just a couple of weeks ago in the Ardesia and Project X versions. Now joining these is a special edition with a paint job inspired by the colours of mint and coral. Do you remember the year of the “Tecno Tubo Torino’s” birth? We decided to name this edition with that number: 1961.

The Racemax Boost Italia 1961 is now available for sale on our e-commerce platform and at a selection of our dealers. It has the super-reliable SRAM Rival AXS XPLR electronic groupset and 3T Discus 45|40 LTD carbon wheels fitted with the Mahle X20 system for assisted pedalling.