Classified G42 Launch Edition: Gravel Adventures on Another Level

What's different about the new G42 Launch Edition?

Developed, optimized and race-tested by Classified’s gravel factory team and specifically designed to accommodate Classified’s cutting edge Powershift technology.

The G42 Carbon Gravel wheelset is the ideal choice for all gravel rides, from rough terrain adventures to high speed competitive gravel races. At 410 grams per rim, the wheelset weighs in at just 1,350 grams and is one of the most aerodynamic options in the category. Thanks to the asymmetric rim profile, the spoke tension is more homogeneous than with symmetrical rims, resulting in a stiffer wheel. A comfortable ride and an ideal tire support are guaranteed by the 25-millimetre internal rim width, which accommodates tires from 30- to 55-millimeters wide. Developed, optimized and race-tested by Classified’s gravel factory team and specifically designed to accommodate Classified’s cutting edge Powershift technology.

Specifications Classified G42 Launch Edition

  • Rim Type: Carbon, Clincher, Tubeless Ready
  • Rim height: 42mm
  • Outer width: 30mm
  • Inner width: 25mm
  • Spokes count: 24
  • Spokes: Pillar Wing 22 spokes
  • Wheelset weight: 1,350g (complete wheelset, excl Powershift hub)
  • Recommended tire size & max tire pressure: 30-55mm tires, 65psi / 4.5Bar
  • Brakes Compatibility: Disc
  • Key Feature: Lightweight Asymmetric Gravel Rim with Aero Benefits

In summary, the Classified G42 Carbon Gravel wheelset is your gateway to conquering gravel terrains and competitive races. It combines lightweight construction, aerodynamic prowess, and the latest technology, making it a versatile and high-performance choice for gravel cycling enthusiasts.  Get your own Racemax G42 Launch Edition here!