Revolutionizing Bike Ownership: Introducing Digital Passport

Unlocking the Future of Luxury Cycling with MyLime's Automotive Blockchain® Technology

In a groundbreaking collaboration between 3T Bikes and the iconic Lamborghini brand, a limited edition bike has been unveiled, promising luxury performance for the modern adventurer. This unique partnership extends beyond design and engineering, venturing into the digital realm by introducing a cutting-edge digital passport system. Developed in collaboration with technical partner MyLime, this digital passport leverages a patented automotive blockchain® process for asset registration, setting a new standard for transparency, security, and exclusivity in cycling.

At the heart of this innovation is the MyLime digital passport, which offers a secure and transparent way to verify these exclusive bikes’ authenticity and ownership history. Each carbon frame features an NFC tag, ensuring the uniqueness and traceability of each bike while guarding against counterfeiting and fraud.

Owners can access their digital passport through a user-friendly app, which provides a detailed history of their bike and offers an exclusive physical card, similar to a credit card, which can be carried with them, serving as a testament to their ownership of a truly exclusive piece of cycling history.


What makes this digital passport so important is its role in preserving the exclusivity and value of these limited-edition bikes. As an industry-first, the MyLime system ensures that each bike is one of a kind, with a verified ownership history that can be easily shared and confirmed. In a world where authenticity and provenance are increasingly valued, the 3T Bikes x Lamborghini limited edition digital passport, powered by MyLime’s automotive blockchain® technology and complemented by a physical ownership card, sets a new benchmark for luxury cycling. It’s more than just a bike; it’s a verifiable piece of artistry and engineering, and a testament to the partnership’s commitment to elevating the cycling experience to new heights.