The Primo Welcomes the Apex XPLR

Entering the world of aero gravel performance with electronic shifting is now easier than ever, thanks to the Primo Apex XPLR AXS: a classic frame with cutting-edge wireless technology at a competitive price.

At the end of August, we expanded our lineup with two builds that redefined the entry point into the 3T gravel world with wireless electronic shifting: the Racemax and the Ultra, featuring the Sram Apex XPLR AXS groupset.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve witnessed a growing interest in these products, and now, we are thrilled to introduce our first aero gravel frame, aptly named in Italian “Primo”, with that same build.

Primo (formerly Exploro) has become an icon among gravel frames, and like all classics, it ages gracefully. It’s even more stylish and efficient today, featuring a 1x wireless setup that minimizes cables and maximizes aesthetic cleanliness.

The Primo Apex is now available in limited quantities, starting today, on the e-commerce platform and at 3T dealers. The price is €3,196 / US$3,835 / £4,013 VAT excluded in Europe and Asia, and US$4,299 / CA$5,799  VAT excluded, taxes included in America.