The legendary MORE stem is back

Even more than 20 years after its introduction, the original MORE stem still looks revolutionary. Its UD carbon exterior, internal clamping, smoothly integrated faceplate & top cap give it an appearance that makes modern stems blush. And now it relives in the new MORE Integrale carbon stem.

I actually owned one of the original MORE stems back when I was a founder/owner at Cervélo. Then-3T-owner Antonio Colombo gave it to me, and I always thought it was the most beautiful stem ever. 

Being in a position now to bring the MORE back with new features to make it stand out for the next 20+ years feels very special.

The MORE stem is the first full carbon stem for 3T’s INTEGRALE system. 3T INTEGRALE stands for full integration without the complexity and bulkiness that usually come with integrated cables. After all, what is the point of hiding your cables from the wind if you make the headtube bigger to fit them in?

With 3T INTEGRALE, the electronic shift cables and brake hoses fit inside the exact same narrow profile headtube as the previous un-integrated frame models, creating a true aero benefit that goes well beyond its clean and sleek appearance. Additionally, with the MORE cable channel, the cables are integrated while still allowing the stem to be exchanged without a hassle – no disconnecting or hose bleeding required!

This is particularly helpful when making small (or even big) changes to riding position or travelling. The cable channel allows not only for small height adjustments to be made without disconnecting the whole system, but even swapping stem lengths is now possible without the need to disconnect the brakes and shifters and can be paired with any 3T Integrale handlebar. Just like the adjustable stems, if you have to travel, you can easily remove the bars to pack the bike easily for air travel. With the MORE Integrale stem, you get maximum ergonomics and the perfect bike fit, all in a sleek, adjustable, aero package.

Of course the new MORE has an internal clamping system again – no visible bolts or plastic covers required. It also integrates the top cap and uses wedge clamping in place of the traditional pinch bolts, creating the cleanest stem design on the market. The face plate continues the same theme with a reverse faceplate for a more aero and elegant design, but with the carbon hook replacing the customary bolts for an even smoother integration between handlebar and stem.

All this leads to a very integrated and smooth system, but without the limitations it usually brings. It also means the MORE is compatible with all our INTEGRALE handlebars, allowing you to choose the profile and flare that fits your needs. This is extremely important to us. After all, 3T is a company founded on the principles of ergonomic, performance handlebars. We know there are many different preferences when it comes to handlebar shapes, and we are determined to help all our customers get the best shape by offering choice, not locking them in to a “one-shape-fits-few” solution.

The MORE Integrale stem is available starting today on the e-commerce and at 3T dealers priced 349 € / US$ 389 / £ 319.20.