Gear Up for Glory

Preparing for the Badlands Ultracycling Race in Spain

Hello fellow cycling enthusiasts!
I’m Pawel Milkowski, and I’m excited to share with you our journey as we gear up for the thrilling Badlands ultracycling race in Spain. Last year, my friend Karol and I participated in the race and secured the 12th position. This year, we’re aiming higher, fueled by our determination and the incredible support we’ve received from 3T. We’re proud to be equipped with the Exploro Racemax gravel bikes, armed with the 2×12 SRAM Rival groupset, as we prepare to conquer the challenging Spanish terrain.
Embracing Change: Unveiling the 3T Exploro Racemax 
With the help of 3T, we were fortunate enough to receive the game-changing Racemax gravel bikes. Just two weeks ago, these sleek machines arrived at our doorstep, giving us ample time to adapt and prepare for the upcoming race. The first thing that struck us was the bike’s remarkable lightweight design and its exquisite paint finish, making it an absolute pleasure to behold.
Mastering Precision: The SRAM Rival Groupset
For this year’s Badlands race, we chose to equip our 3T Exploro Racemax bikes with the 2×12 SRAM Rival groupset. This versatile choice ensures that we’re fully equipped to handle the varied challenges of the Spanish terrain, ranging from mountains to deserts. The initial impression of the SRAM AXS groupset left us impressed – the gear changes are seamless and silent, delivering exceptional precision in every shift. It’s a joy to experience such fluidity and reliability, enhancing our confidence as we gear up for the race.
The Joy of Riding: Exploring Local Gravel Roads
As we began to test our new bikes, the first thing on our to-do list was to explore our local gravel roads. The initial ride was nothing short of magical. The Racemax combination of stiffness and comfort provides an unparalleled riding experience. With Pirelli Gravel M tires beneath us, our grip on gravel and rocky paths is impeccable. The bike’s performance on various terrains left us in awe, strengthening our belief that we’re in possession of a true racing machine.
A Glimpse of the Road Ahead: Preparing for the Badlands Race
With the bikes thoroughly tested and admired, our focus now shifts to the next steps in preparation. Our bags, loaded with essentials, are being mounted onto the bikes, ensuring we’re well-prepared for the demands of the Badlands race. Our training regimen also includes venturing into the Polish mountains for longer rides, fine-tuning our stamina and endurance.
As we gear up for the Badlands ultracycling race in Spain, the combination of our determination, the support of 3T, and the prowess of the 3T Exploro Racemax bikes equipped with the SRAM Rival groupset sets the stage for an exciting journey. We’re confident that our preparations and the tools at our disposal will allow us to tackle the rugged Spanish terrain with vigor and determination. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this thrilling adventure!