Unveiling the Apex AXS Line

Award-winning fast gravel Racemax and the unstoppable Ultra, now with the most accessible electronic groupset on the market.

At 3T, our passion for cycling innovation knows no bounds. We’re excited to introduce a groundbreaking chapter in your cycling journey—the Apex Line. With a focus on technical excellence and accessible performance, two exceptional models have come to light. The “Racemax Apex XPLR AXS 1X” epitomizes speed and agility, and is a tribute to the thrill of gravel racing. In contrast, the “Ultra Apex XPLR AXS 1X”, emerges as a versatile conqueror, designed to navigate ultra racing conditions. These bikes aren’t just machines; they’re the embodiment of spirit and adventure.

A Love for 1X Simplicity and the Sram XPLR AXS Groupsets

Simplicity is a philosophy we hold dear, and our love for 1X transmissions speaks volumes. Combine this with the sleek precision of the Sram XPLR AXS groupsets, and you’re in for an unparalleled experience. The result? A riding encounter that is as smooth as it is invigorating, tailored for diverse terrains and riders.

The wireless Apex AXS groupset isn’t just a component but a key that unlocks new horizons. As you prepare to face your next challenge, whether it’s the intensity of gravel racing or the thrill of bikepacking, the Apex Line will be your steadfast companion.

An Opportunity Seized: Performance with Every Shift and Brake

We knew we couldn’t pass up the chance to incorporate the new Sram Apex XPLR AXS into our line. With an 11-44 cassette and a 40T chainring, you’re equipped to tackle any challenge the terrain throws your way. But it’s not just about the numbers—it’s about the harmony between technology and rider, ensuring each shift is an extension of your intent.

Let’s talk about performance. The Sram Apex XPLR AXS groupset brings the same reliability and strength synonymous with the Rival and Force AXS groupsets. Shifts are as crisp as the morning breeze, and braking is your reliable anchor on every descent. But there’s more; the improved hood ergonomics, courtesy of the Rival AXS and D2 FORCE shifters, elevate your comfort and control, ensuring you’re always in command.

Wireless Elegance: A Clean Look for Uninterrupted Riding

Visual aesthetics matter, and with the Apex Line, we’re introducing a wireless fleet that redefines elegance. The super clean look offered by wireless technology isn’t just a design choice; it’s a promise of an uncluttered experience. Your focus remains where it should be—on the road ahead.

Racemax: from racing to joy

Are you driven by the thrill of gravel racing, or are you after the sheer joy of riding? The “Racemax Apex XPLR AXS 1X” is your versatile companion, beckoning you to both conquest and delight. Designed for speed and precision, it conquers every racecourse stretch with finesse. But when the urge for the open road takes over, let the Racemax will carry you on a journey of pure joy, reveling in the freedom that only cycling can provide.

The Racemax Apex is available in limited quantities starting today on the 3t.bike e-commerce and at 3T dealers priced 3,999 € / US$ 3,934 / £ 4,939.20 in these colourways:

  • Red/White
  • Blue/Brown (EU only)
  • Emerald/White (NA only)

Ultra Cycling and Bikepacking

Imagine embarking on daring bikepacking adventures, or taking on the challenges of ultra cycling. The “Ultra Apex XPLR AXS 1X” is more than just a bike—it’s your partner in conquering the extraordinary. With its resilient frame, it navigates uncharted landscapes while carrying your dreams as well as your gear. This ultimate companion thrives on the determination required for ultra cycling’s long hauls, making it the perfect ally for the unrelenting stretches. Every journey becomes an exploration, and every challenge is met head-on with the reliability and adaptability of the Ultra.

The Racemax Apex is available in limited quantities starting today on the 3t.bike e-commerce and at 3T dealers priced 4,199 € / US$ 4,130 / £ 5,185.20 in the light blue colouway (with the additional option of the steel blue for EU only), available with 650b or 700c wheels.

The Apex Line isn’t just about bikes; it’s about embarking on a journey of innovation and discovery. With the “Racemax Apex XPLR AXS 1X” and the “Ultra Apex XPLR AXS 1X”, we’ve crafted more than machines—we’ve created your gateway to the extraordinary. So, as you grasp the handlebars and prepare to push boundaries, remember that your adventure is limitless, and the Apex Line is your vessel for the journey ahead.