Velocio // Exploro team 3T factory visit in Bergamo

More than a Factory Visit

It was more than just another tour, but an opportunity to experience the artistry and passion behind the brand that empowers our cycling journeys and keeps us rolling.

After a captivating week of exploration intertwined with thrilling race moments at Memory Bike, our adventure in Italy took a new turn as we set our sights on the city of Bergamo. We have ridden our 3T frames all over the U.S., across the Italian countryside and now, we had the opportunity to see where they were designed and tested at the 3T factory. As we approached the building, the prominent 3T logo welcomed us. With excitement and anticipation we stepped inside. We were greeted by a collection of special edition 3T bikes, some of which we had only seen in photographs, but were now brought to life before our eyes. The office space boasted a sleek and contemporary design, creatively utilizing shipping containers with an open floorplan to accommodate various departments within the office. It was an inviting space for creative thought and collaboration. We were immediately greeted by members of the 3T staff and invited to partake in a mid-morning espresso together. This would set the tone for our quintessential Italian experience that day! 

Guided by Alberto and Enrique, we ascended to the factory floor, where we were enlightened about their current initiatives to bring the 3T frame production back to Italy. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, a new vision for the company had emerged – one where the majority of the 3T frames would be crafted at this very location in Bergamo. It was clear to see the passion and excitement surrounding this project, and the many hands are working to make it a reality, as we stepped into the production room. The intricacies of carbon fiber sourcing and the innovative process of winding it using their patent-pending, custom-designed machines were unveiled to us. Watching the dry carbon weaves enveloping the tubes was mesmerizing. Seeing the resin form the bicycle frame before our eyes was captivating. And at the heart of it all, there were skilled artisans meticulously crafting each piece by hand. Every step in the process, from adding resin to sanding down the frame, contributed to the final masterpiece – a 3T frame that we hold dear and ride daily on all terrain. We gained a profound appreciation for the engineering prowess behind the frames. Witnessing the transformation from concept to reality was nothing short of awe-inspiring for us. 

After a captivating factory tour, we were treated to an unforgettable tour through the picturesque streets on our 3T bikes. Cynthia had the opportunity to ride a 3T demo Exploro RaceMax with a classified hub. We loved the steep climbs and cobblestone-lined paths as we ascended up to the upper town of Bergamo. As we rolled into the town square, we were met with endless views on either side of mountain ranges, old buildings, and incredible history. We stopped for a sweet treat, gelato for lunch, before returning to the factory. It was hard to keep rolling when we were immersed in the beauty of it all! 

As we said our goodbyes, we reflected on our time at the factory. It was more than just another tour, but an opportunity to experience the artistry and passion behind the brand that empowers our cycling journeys and keeps us rolling.