The Gravel Journey Heats up the Land of Smiles

Gravel Riding in Thailand at the Dustman X event

Bike Zone Events held the third gravel riding event in Thailand that is now the most talk about event among cyclists despite the fact that the gravel cycling is fairly new in Southeast Asia.  The trademark name “Dustman” by Bike Zone Events represents a gravel race began in the year 2022, though not yet UCI certified event.  It’s rather an event for the gravel lovers.  However, the Dustman name is being extended to Dustman X, or known as “Dustman Experience”, to which Bike Zone Events intends to provide new comers with a new experience on gravel riding especially the majority of cyclists are road riders.  Dustman X 60km. ride course comprised of tarmac and dirt roads including a single track, and thus cyclists had a chance to experience all sorts of terrains.

The participants were a mixture of advanced and beginner skill riders; the ride course was designed to fit all with the allowed riding time of 7 hours. The goal really was to educate as many cyclist as possible what is gravel.

When the evening shadows fall, Dustman X party started with laughter of joy and the ever-exciting stories to tell – the morning experiences were shared in every conversation throughout the night.  While 3T bikes were officially introduced in Thailand; the climax of the evening was the 3T frameset auction, the bidding amount Baht 42,000 (EUR 1,100) was entirely donated to Suan Phueng Hospital to support the purchase of medical equipment.

Bike Zone Events (BZE) is an event arm of Bike Zone Co., Ltd., a leading Thai distributor of high-end bicycles and accessories. BZE has been involved in organising, supporting, and promoting sporting events over the past 10 years to strengthen the communities of cyclists and triathletes both in Thailand and within Southeast Asia. It has also been constantly introducing new and exciting racing formats such as adventure races and gravel races.

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Dustman X (The Gravel Experience)