A Boost bike for a young Super Boost mom

How a mere professional relationship evolved into a creative force that transcended boundaries

This story is more than a testament to the contagious power of happiness—it's a call to embrace and spread these "pandemics" of joy, which we increasingly need in our lives.

In our dynamic industry of bicycles, where competition grows fiercer by the day, it’s not just marketing budgets or exceptional product quality that sets us apart.

No, this is not a story of budgets, sales figures, or typical business talk. This is a tale of raw human connection and unwavering dedication, extending beyond the confines of work. It’s a narrative of pouring our hearts and souls into relationships that fill us with immeasurable joy, a joy that cannot be quantified by marketing strategies.

With the Velodrom team, we have fostered a partnership that has withstood the test of time, witnessing the growth for both brands (I’ve always liked to think of them as a brand). In this journey, we’ve nurtured an unyielding bond built on trust, respect, transparency, and, in this particular case, an overwhelming affection that extends far beyond the realm of bicycles and personal passions: the celebration of the arrival of the two little stars Mauro and Gala. Witnessing the unwavering perseverance, resilience, and the emotional journey Maria Laura and David undertook in their arduous path towards welcoming these little miracles, fills us with profound admiration. And so, in collaboration with our 3T team, we embarked on what we do best: we dream, we build, we ride… and, in this instance, infusing our efforts with a touch of creativity. As I often immersed myself in the tale of The Little Prince, I realized it helped preserve my own dreams, allowing a sliver of childlike wonder to endure amidst the mounting pressures of adult responsibilities.

I envisioned capturing this heartwarming story on a frame, one that Maria Laura will ride upon, gracefully reclaiming her cycling passion after the beautiful journey of motherhood. The aim? To unite her family and her love for the sport. Every time she embarks on a ride with our bike, her precious children will always be by her side, a constant reminder of love and togetherness.

The remainder of this tale unfolded through the remarkable creativity of the Poliedro team, our visionary graphic studio, and the artistic brilliance of David, whom I couldn’t keep in the dark—his insights were vital. Tony Spray masterfully transformed their creative visions into a tangible reality with his painting, filling the bike with colors that tempt you to indulge in its exquisite beauty.

Our dedicated assembly team meticulously crafted and meticulously positioned each component, ensuring that every element found its perfect place, resulting in a masterpiece that transcends mere machinery.

This story is more than a testament to the contagious power of happiness—it’s a call to embrace and spread these “pandemics” of joy, which we increasingly need in our lives.

Maria Laura: immerse yourself in the exhilarating rides with our Exploro RaceMax Boost. Feel the wind whispering secrets as you outpace David, forging ahead and defying limits.

With heartfelt wishes from the entire 3T team for this new adventure to be explored (forgive me, I can’t help but revisit this theme).