1 x benefits with 2x power

Strada and RaceMax models now available with Classified shifting technology

3T has been at the forefront to show the benefits of 1x frame design: lighter frames, improved aerodynamics, higher efficiency & fewer chain drops. Now the 1x bikes are available with the Classified Powershift Technology, bringing 2x power to 1x frame design.

In 2015 I first met the people behind the what is now called ‘PowerShift’ from Classified. They showed this idea of integrating shifting inside the rear hub, and we thought this was a genius idea. We tried the first prototypes, which looked similar to the current product, but it didn’t work perfectly. Well it kinda worked, but not good enough. Over the years we have stayed in touch with the Classified team, and seen the progress made on the Powershift. And progress has been made! We have been testing the Powershift over the last 12 months, and now it really works, and it works well. With Powershift, you can now shift under load, you will have a greater gearing range and smaller steps compared to a pure 1x setup, while at the same time take full benefit of a 1x bike set up.

We are launching today 2 models with the Classified Powershift Technology:

Strada Classified

The all new Strada. combines the Classified Powershift hub and R50 carbon wheelset with SRAM Red AXS. The result is a super-fast and aggressive 1x bike with a hidden 2x transmission. With the ability to run a bigger single chainring coupled with a larger cassette on the rear, Classified can further increase the efficiency of the 1x frame. Making the Strada the perfect weapon for fast flats as well as tough climbs, all in the same bike. The Strada Classified Red AXS (except for the crank which is Force AXS with special aero ring, see photo), 1×12/Classified R50 in a Navy/Black color scheme retails for 6999€ incl. VAT, 6999$ plus sales tax and 6599GPB incl. VAT.

Racemax Classified

The Exploro RaceMax comes fully built with Force AXS components and paired with Classified G30 wheels. This wheelset is perfect for fast gravel thanks to a 23mm inner rim width and a 30mm profile. Combined with a 11-34t Classified cassette and Powershift hub, the rider has 450% of gearing range to play with on the trails. The RaceMax Classified is a gravel bike that refuses to compromise. It offers all the benefits of 3T’s aerodynamic, reliable, and comfortable 1x frame design with small-step gearing and a large range. The RaceMax Force D1 AXS 1×12 / Classified G30 in the color scheme Blue/Brown retails for 5999€ incl. VAT, 5999# plus sales tax and 5799GBP incl. VAT.

Both bikes are available to purchase right now from the 3T website and selected 3T dealers. Delivery follows 30 days from order date.