Introducing the Racemax 418 frame

The official launch of the frameset that is secretly already here

The Racemax frameset gets extra tire clearance

The current model line

As one of the creators of the performance gravel bike category, it’s logical that 3T has a wide range of gravel models.

  • The original Exploro (now called Exploro Primo) is your best entry into the category with a blisteringly fast frame, wide tire clearance and a very attractive price.
  • Exploro Racemax focuses on pure speed, with its slim tubes, the best aerodynamics and agile handling.
  • Exploro Ultra focuses tackling the toughest terrain, with slightly wider tubes and a round seatpost to allow for a suspension or dropper post.
  • Racemax Boost gives you all the performance of the Racemax plus an e-bike system completely integrated and hidden inside the standard Racemax frame shapes

New gravel race tires

Since launching the Racemax, several tire manufacturers have introduced new tires that are still very speed-focused but yet wider than before. This leads to the Racemax 418 frameset update, blowing up its tire clearance to 46mm WAM (Width-As-Measured) for 700c tires. The first generation Racemax 415 frameset has clearance up to 42mm WAM for 700c tires. Both generations keep their whopping 61mm WAM clearance for 650b tires!

Although we are officially launching the Racemax 418 frameset today, it has started shipping to our customers already. This means you may already own a Racemax 418 frameset without knowing it. So how can you find out?

All Racemax and Racemax Italia framesets & bikes sold on our website now (except Outlet) are the new Racemax 418 frames

Identifying Racemax 415 vs 418

If you’re unsure which version you own, please note:

Racemax 415 design:

  • All Racemax frames with EXPLORO written on the back of the seattube
  • Racemax Italia Founder’s Edition and 60th Anniversary
  • All Racemax Boost (our electric models will remain Racemax 415 also in the future)

Racemax 418 design:

  • All Racemax Italia frames EXCEPT Founder’s Edition and 60th Anniversary
  • All non-electric Racemax & Racemax Italia framesets and bikes on our website or sold by 3T to its retailers since May 11, 2023
    (except Outlet where Racemax 415 frames are explicitly indicated)

Requires measurement:

  • Standard Racemax frames (so not Racemax Italia or Racemax Boost, for those see above) sold before May 11, 2023 with RACEMAX written on the back of the seattube. These framesets may be either Racemax 415 or Racemax 418. You need to carefully measure the BB-to-rear axle distance to see if the chainstay is 414-415mm (Racemax 415) or 417-418m (Racemax 418).

Tire recommendations

What does this mean for our tire recommendations? Obviously our recommendations for the original Racemax 415 remain as isFor the Racemax 418 frame, it now has the same clearance as the Ultra and recommendations can be found here.

As always, it is important to verify you have sufficient tire clearance on your frame with your particular tire, regardless of the above recommendations.