Pedaling Towards a Greener Future

3T and Trenitalia Join Forces at Giro-E!

By working together, the aim is to inspire individuals and communities to embrace greener modes of travel.

3T has teamed up with Trenitalia, Italy’s national railway company, to support the Trenitalia team during the Giro-E. From May 6 to May 28, the Trenitalia team will be participating in the Giro-E, an electric bicycle race that runs alongside the renowned Giro d’Italia. As the technical sponsor, 3T will provide the team with the fast and versatile Racemax Boost.

Foto Alessandro Garofalo/LaPresse
05-05-2023 Catania, Italia
Giro-E cerimonia di presentazione
May 09, 2022 Catania, Italy
Giro-E – award ceremony

The collaboration between 3T and Trenitalia is driven by their shared commitment to promoting green mobility. Both companies recognize the importance of reducing carbon emissions and encouraging sustainable transportation alternatives. By working together, the aim is to inspire individuals and communities to embrace greener modes of travel.

To gain further insights into this partnership, an interview was conducted with Domenico Scida, Business Director of Intercity at Trenitalia. Scida emphasized Trenitalia’s dedication to making their trains more bike-friendly. While the partnership between 3T and Trenitalia is temporary for the Giro-E, it strengthens the connection between cycling and public transportation.

Trenitalia has taken steps to accommodate bicycles on their Eurocity and Intercity trains. Each train now features six dedicated bike slots, allowing cyclists to travel conveniently with their bikes. This initiative demonstrates Trenitalia’s commitment to fostering a bicycle-friendly culture, promoting sustainable travel options, nurturing a greener and more eco-friendly transportation system.

Among the various routes serviced by Trenitalia, the Genova to Milan route stands out as a popular choice for cyclists. The demand for bike spots on this route remains consistently high, showcasing the growing interest in combining train travel with cycling adventures. Trenitalia continues to meet this demand by ensuring convenient options for cyclists.

As a gesture to encourage cycling enthusiasts, Trenitalia is offering free bike spot reservations on Intercity trains throughout May. This initiative further promotes the integration of cycling and public transportation by removing financial barriers and providing incentives. Trenitalia’s efforts pave the way for a greener future and highlight the importance of sustainable mobility.