Introducing the Ultra Crankbrothers edition gravel bike

Our bike for the most extreme terrain takes another leap

When we introduced the Ultra a year ago, we took fast performance gravel bikes to the most extreme terrain.

At the time, we really wanted our Ultra bike range to include a special model, fully exploiting every possible detail of the Ultra frame’s potential for the worst and most challenging paths. And yes, without losing the fun and speed when covering easier terrain, tarmac included.

In other words, a perfect configuration for both gravel riders looking to go on very demanding routes and for MTB riders looking for a more versatile bike.

We knew that our friends at CrankBrothers were working on developing a product that could perfectly match the Ultra’s offroad capabilities and our wishes. We’re not talking about a dropper post. Their famous dropper was already a must-have product on this Ultra special build we had in mind.

They were instead taking advantage of their experience in the MTB world to develop an extreme gravel-specific wheelset.

It’s taken a bit more time than expected, but the wait is now over. We’re ready to unveil the most extreme Ultra gravel bike with a hint of MTB.


The basis is formed by the ULTRA FORCE/EAGLE AXS model, our best bike for the “toughest gravel” category. Then we add some components which will make it even more suitable for extreme gravel/XC style adventures:

– 3T Torno Team crank, our super stiff and light 1x only crank,  proudly made at our factory in Italy

– CrankBrothers Highline XC/Gravel dropper seatpost for improved control and confidence on technical descents/difficult situations

– CrankBrothers’ completely new Synthesis wheelset with carbon 650b rims, proprietary spoke design, developed specifically for extreme gravel:

– front and rear specific

– compliant front wheel (improves handling, maximizes grip, enhances control in turns)

– stiff rear wheel (supports peaks loads, enhances stability, grants tracking at speed)


The Ultra CrankBroters edition is expected to be available in June in limited numbers, but you can pre-order it already. So check out all the specs or contact your 3T retailer