La Bicicletta – 3T Team

Born from the pure passion and love for the gravel cycling

La Bicicletta-3T team was born from the passion and love for gravel of two people, Emiliano and Edi.

The idea was to bring together young riders of different nationalities and give them the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

The team consists of Emma Porter, a tenacious Irish former triathlete residing in Girona;

Lise Leromain, a tough French mountain biker;

Gustav Orain, a former high-level road racer and Parisian model; and Jaume Duran, a Mallorcan mountain biker who competed in the mountain bike world cup.

What unites these riders is their simplicity and their love for gravel riding.

They all came together for a three-day camp in Girona to get to know each other, train together, and bond as a team. The team recently had a training session in Girona, which was more of a get-to-know-each-other session than a strict training camp.

The first day involved a quick 70km ride to test out the bikes and take some photos and videos, followed by a well-deserved recovery point at a local brewery called 2kiwis. 

On the second day, the riders upped the ante with a challenging 130km ride and over 2000m of elevation gain. Team captain Lorenzo was impressed with their energy and strength. The third day was dedicated to various interviews, drone footage, and more photos amidst the fantastic countryside of Girona.

The team was selected for their youth, diversity, and their eagerness to learn and improve

They all showed promise in their individual performances and were seen as a good fit for the team.

The riders will train individually, and there will be team training sessions organized in conjunction with the race schedule. 

The team will participate in several gravel race/events in 2023, including the :

  • Santa Vall,
  • Jeroboam Mallorca,
  • The Traka,
  • Gorafe Epic
  • Ranxo
  • Octoous
  • Earth Finaland the UCI Gravel World Cup.

The riders will be using the 3T Exploro Racemax Emerald White bikes, and Rosti is the brand that is backing the team, providing all the team’s equipment.

The team’s love for gravel cycling is what brought them together and will drive them to reach their goals for the season. They believe in pushing their limits, exploring new terrain, and taking on challenges as a team.

The team is determined to make their mark on the gravel cycling world and show their love for the sport.