The Adventure of E-Biking: A New Dimension in Cycling

Exploring the Benefits and Misconceptions of Electric Bicycles.

The first thing you learn when you ride an e-bike is the most important: it's still just a bicycle.

Cycling is a wonderful sport and a great form of exercise, but for some people, the physical exertion required to tackle steep hills and long rides can be intimidating. That’s where electric bicycles come in. They offer an additional source of power, making cycling more accessible and enjoyable for riders of all skill levels. Despite the benefits of e-bikes, there are still many misconceptions about these bikes, which can deter some people from trying them. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of electric bicycles, debunk some of the myths surrounding e-bikes, and show you why you should consider giving them a try.

Some people believe that using an electric bicycle makes you less of a “biker.” But why? Is there an ethics to be respected as a cyclist? Is there a sort of exclusive club only for those who declare their opposition to using an e-bike?

The type of cyclist you are doesn’t depend on the brand of clothing you wear, the people you associate with, or the type of bicycle you ride. Cycling is, first and foremost, a feeling; it’s a way to interact with others and with yourself as you engage in something you’re afraid you won’t be able to do – a long ride off the beaten path, a long and steep climb, a journey that takes you down unfamiliar roads.

Last summer, I rode a few days in the Dolomites on a 3T Exploro Boost, and I entered a new dimension of cycling that is more accessible, more approachable, more focused on sharing and togetherness, and less focused on performance. Cycling is not just suffering and effort; it’s also joy, discovery, happiness, relaxation, and laughter. The gravel e-bike I rode – on and off-road – is light, maneuverable, and versatile like a racing bike, but for me, its greatest quality is that it allows even those who aren’t very fit to understand how I feel when I ride for hours and hours, far away from everything and everyone. Far away, especially, from the idea of not venturing out of the house because I’m out of shape. In the Dolomites, with friends who had only a bit of fitness, we took beautiful rides.

The adventure of cycling on an e-bike is within reach. Those extra watts that push you when you need it, don’t see them as a shortcut, but rather as an additional possibility. It doesn’t matter whether you’re able to overcome the climb on your own or with the help of a small electric motor. It doesn’t matter to those who are cycling with you either. What matters is having fun and feeling good.

In conclusion, an e-bike is still just a bicycle, and the experience of cycling is not defined by the type of bike you ride but by the feeling you get from it. The extra assistance provided by the electric motor simply opens up new possibilities for adventure and enjoyment, and we should embrace it, not reject it. So, grab your e-bike, hit the road, and discover the joys of cycling.

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