Jesús Domingo A.K.A Rocket Colors is a young painter from La Rioja (Spain). His work as a painter took him to begin an adventure where both of his passions came together, cycling and art.

Since he was a young kid, cycling has been into his family, watching the classics, cycling with his dad and looking at the top riders bikes In the magazines. The Giro d´Italia has always been his favorite.

When I first met Jesús, I knew that we have to make something unique together and when I told him that I have just bought a 3T Exploro Racemax he took his notebook really fast and begin to make some quick sketches. 

After a lot of coffees we end up with this organic and unique design, inspired by the geometry of the bike, the pink color used to make the bike pop (we both love the pink) and as a tribute to the Giro.

The painting process was something really organic, Jesús made the white and pink gradient and the he started splashing the bike until we think that it has the look we wanted to achieve.

The moment when we took it to the street and the sun light make that frame shine was really magical and we stay there like 30 minutes in silence staring the bike.

The result is a very special bike, that catches all the eyes and don’t let anyone indifferent.

Here you can find the vIdeo Link Youtube with all the story: