Gravel Camp for Women by NGNM

32 riders from 8 nations descended on Lago d’Iseo in northern Italy for the first-ever United We Are Gravel camp organised by the Milan-based, women-led No Gods No Masters® cycling apparel brand for women.

With strong brand values around women’s empowerment via cycling and with a mission to build a strong international community where camaraderie, inclusivity, and mutual support are front and center, aggregating cyclists, whether virtually on Zwift or in RL, is an integral part of the brand roadmap to accomplishing its mission.

NGNM’s founder Milly De Mori is a long-time cyclist whose vision for a “borderless nation united by the love for cycling” came to fruition in 2018 with the launch of the first NGNM summer collection. “I was always interested in building something more than just a high-end apparel brand. I recognized that as women in this sport, me included, need the gear just as much as an empowering community to thrive and grow personally just as much as cyclists”. 

More than just a three-day gravel camp held for all ability levels, the United We Are event was an extension of NGNM’s brand mantra about bringing together women who ride and empowering each other through cycling (“United We Are, Lifting as We Climb” stamped on the UWAG jersey). Such immersive experiences are an opportunity to practice the vision, brand values, and lifestyle they’ve been telling since day one via beautifully captured photography and stories.

From first-timers to old hands, the group dynamic showed that women’s gravel is strong and that the community around NGNM is at the forefront of women’s cycling.
Moreover, it was clear that the love for cycling is indeed able to cross borders – as the participants flocked from the UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, US, and France – and that age is just a number, as the 32 riders ranged from 25-60 year old.
While just half of the ladies traveled with their gravel bike, the second half had the luxury to test and ride brand new 3T Exploro bikes.

3T supplied everyone, from the smallest to the tallest, with the appropriate bike in their size (48-54). After quick adjustments to find their perfect fit, we could tell from their smiles that the “3T ladies” were all happy campers. Overall the Franciacorta courses offered a mixed terrain where the Exploro did shine. Light & quick to react, no sudden ramp or bumpy gravel section was an issue to handle with the Exploro: beginners felt super confident in a matter of hours, and the more experienced riders had a big grin stamped on their face.

Basking in the late autumn sun, riding through the best areas on offer in the Franciacorta wine region, heads were turned as the all-women groups spun past, throwing up dust on the loose, arid terrain. Splicing the Franciacorta area into 3 sections, center, right towards Brescia and left towards Ponte Oglio, each day offered a different course in 3 different distances (short, medium, and long). Moreover, with a roughly 40/60 ratio between asphalt and off-road sections, fun was guaranteed when riding through vineyards, single tracks, gravel sections, or white roads.  

On the way back to the hotel right on the Iseo Lake, the group stopped for lunch & a glass of Franciacorta bubbles at a couple local agriturismi; and the afternoon was then spent eating gelato, swimming in the lake or joining the group in an hour long rejuvenating yoga session at the hotel.

A new and luxurious way to experience gravel, with friendships built, conventions challenged, and a future generation of riders inspired, the 2023 UWAG is already in the planning. 

Women are on the rise in cycling overall, and gravel cycling is quickly gaining traction, too; immersive experiences like the United We Are events are set to become increasingly important, alongside high-end cycling gear that addresses women’s needs. 

3T proudly supported No Gods No Masters® in this epic event, where gender equality and inclusivity are part of a larger story that sees women gaining more ground and accepting bigger challenges in this beautiful sport called cycling.