Get Creative: Delia Vico® Frame

Hi ! I’m delia Vico !

I’m an Italian tattoo artist , all my work is focused on lettering .and calligraphy.
I have been doing this job for twenty years and in the last period I’ve stated again to study ancient calligraphic styles.


My passions are travelling the world and studying history, especially history and arts from the middle age .I don’t have tv at home , not even a computer or an internet connection… so what I do basically is reading and painting. Living in Liguria is really easy to stay connected with the nature .

This territory offers infinite possibilities to take a walk or a ride . Beaches and woods are my favourite places to be , and you can reach both in a couple of minutes.My favourite road is from Bergeggi to Finale Ligure , the coastal road is amazing with many panoramic spots overlooking Bergeggi island or Capo Noli and Grotta dei Falsari , Punta Crena promontory just to name a few .

And when I wanna challenge with myself I take the uphill road to reach Le Manie , following the trail to Grotta dell’Arma …and then sit at the osteria for some good food ! So for sure I want to share that my inspiration for this frame come from this land! Enjoy your ride !

The frame was a Limited Edition in one piece only starting from a Ready to Paint Carboon Frame size 54 and mounted as : Exploro Rival AXS 2 with Carbon wheels.

Now is currently  SOLD OUT,  you can see it if you are around Germany, at Limit Bike – Sonthofener Str. 2, 87545,  Burgber, Deutschland.

If you are interested in buy one similar ask to our