Kolovna Gravel Camp

Gravel, trails and mud, this was the spirit of our spring gravel camp!  This time we went to the new Kolovna pension in the village called Vojtíškov in the middle of Czech mountains - Jeseníky, close to the Polish borders.

Our second weekend event was for all gravel enthusiasts, both beginners and advanced gravelists.  In short, for everyone who longs for adventure where the asphalt ends.

A week before, with the Kolovna team we were going through the routes to check the conditions at the top of the ridge.  There was still snow in the mountains in some places. It will be a great opportunity to test our gravel machines in really tough conditions, we thought. And we couldn’t wait to take the others here too.

At the weekend, we gathered a total of 18 gravelists.  

On the first day, we had a demanding mountain stage – 83 km with an elevation gain of 2200 m.  It doesn’t sound so terrible, but you can’t compare riding on asphalt with riding off-road.  Along the entire route, we had to contend with several hard climbs, forest trails with root sections and technical descents.  Already in the first 10 km we had climbed over 700 meters and some of us were already starting to feel the pain in our legs.  The hills in Jeseníky are simply uncompromising.  

But then  the wonderful views of Kralický Snežník and the descent on the bike trail of Dolní Morava was a great reward for us. We spent 5-6 hours in the saddle that day.  We arrived home tired but at the same time full of positive energy from the day-long gravel adventure.

The second day was already easier and we had a ride of half the length.  We had prepared 2 variants of the route for the participants of the camp.  Road version, for those who are looking for a quick ride on the gravel bike, and off-road version for those who didn’t have enough on Saturday.  Both groups rode about 40 km that day with an ascent of 1,200 meters.  The route was at a lower altitude, so we rode through extensive meadows and pastures.  We stopped for lunch at our second Kolovna pension – @kolovna_penzion_bikecentrum.

A fleet of 11 test 3T bikes was available to us throughout the camp.  The participants of the camp had the opportunity to test the models – Exploro Race Max, Exploro Team and even one of our friends decided to challenge the 3T Strada in the mountain terrain.  But that was not a good idea, he had 3 defects in total.  The Jeseníky Mountains are perfect for Exploro Race Max or Exploro Team.

We are planning another gravel camp for the public in the fall, so if you are tempted to experience the Czech mountains and test the latest models of 3T bikes, you can go for the gravel adventure together with us.  You can find more information about the upcoming camp on the Kolovna website.

Here the calendar with the next gravel Kemp : https://blog.kolovna.cz/en/calendar/1

See you there!