Giro-E Dispatch #2

Our latest dispatch from the Giro-E is here. The team is in high spirits and we took the time to chat with one of the riders Maria Riera

The Brainvest-Stoneweg team continues their journey along the parcours of the Gio D’Italia. The Giro-E has been taking on some of the same high mountain passes as the heroes you see on your TV screens and is doing a great job of showcasing the capability and accessibility of E-bikes.

Foto Alessandro Garofalo/LaPresse
15-05-2022, Italia
Giro-E- Tappa 6, Orsogna – Blockhaus
Photo Alessandro Garofalo /LaPresse
May 15, 2022, Italy
Giro-E – Stage 6, Orsogna – Blockhaus


We were keen to support both Giro-E and the Brainvest-Stoneweg program, so we got our best mechanics a masseur and 12 RaceMax Boost bikes equipped with the E-Bike Motion X35 motor so the team would have the best support possible. Given the tough climbs having the option for the extra battery under the downtube is certainly something the team has appreciated.

We spoke with Mario, one of our favorite mechanics, and he vouched for the difficulty of the stages even with the battery support. But he praised the riders for their enthusiasm in taking on the challenge and their ability to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings.


Foto Alessandro Garofalo/LaPresse
20-05-2022, Italia
Giro-E- Tappa 10, Mondovì – Cuneo
Nella foto: Stefania Belmondo
Photo Alessandro Garofalo /LaPresse
May 20, 2022, Italy
Giro-E – Stage 10, Mondovì – Cuneo
In the pic: Stefania Belmondo

Big mountains coming in the Giro-E


The back half of the Giro-E mimics the Giro’s route so as we approach the finish in Verona the climbing only gets harder and each stage’s elevation leaves no respite for the riders even with the pedal assist. One just has to look at the penultimate stage to Passo Fedaia to realize that no e-bike in the world would make that an easy climb.


Maria Riera – Finance Director, Stoneweg


We took the chance to have a quick call with one of our team members, Maria.  Maria is the Finance Director at Stoneweg working out of the headquarters in Barcelona.
While always being very active and fit, cycling was new to Maria. So tackling the passes of the Giro as one of your first big rides was quite the accomplishment:
“I covered more than 200 km in 3 days during the first stages of the tour. Unfortunately not being a cyclist I arrived without the proper training, but thanks to the pedal assist bike and the fact that I am very sporty (I train 3/4 times a week on the race and in the gym) I managed to get through them without too much pain.”
The highlight for her was undoubtedly reaching the top of Blockhaus,  Abruzzo’s infamous peak that reaches over 2000m and leaves much of the professional peleton gasping for air.
“In this last stage, we climbed to the Blockhaus, a peak in Abruzzo that climbs for more than 2000m, I arrived exhausted but I made it!”I think my success on that climb was due to the bike I was to use the assist mode which allowed me to complete the journey. It’s very well done, super light and the mechanics work well. Now I would like to cycle more and I see there are some very nice trip here around Barcelona and Costa Brava!”