The Giro-E 2022

The Brainvest-Stoneweg team takes on the toughest stages of this year's race with the Exploro RaceMax Boost

As the Corsa Rosa gets into full swing and the peloton creeps way up the Itlalian mainland, it’s the Giro-E that zips on ahead creating a real buzz. 15 teams of riders lead the way on the Giro’s roads every day under the combined power of their legs and their machines.  The Brainvest-Stoneweg team are the fortunate ones of the bunch. These riders are onboard the RaceMax Boost GRX bikes, the satin grey silhouette strikes an impressive pose as it cruises through the peloton and the riders get the benefit not just from the stealthy E-Bike Motion X-35  motor but from the aerodynamic benefit given by the RaceMax frame.

Our riders onboard their RaceMax Boost bikes have fared well on these first few stages and they eye one of the Giro’s biggest climbs for 2022, the Blockhaus. The 13km climb rises more than 1100m with an average grade of 8%. It will be a true test of man and machine that both pelotons will be looking forward to.

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The Brainvest-StoneWeg team on the RaceMax Boost
Foto Alessandro Garofalo/LaPresse
10-05-2022, Italia
Giro-E- Tappa 1 Adrano- Etna Nicolosi
Photo Alessandro Garofalo /LaPresse
May 10, 2022, Italy
Giro-E – Stage 1 Adrano- Etna Nicolosi

Stage 1

Stage one took the riders up Etna for their first test of fitness and form. On their RaceMax Boost, they definitely had some bigger smiles on their faces than the other peloton did!


Stage 2

The second stage was a more tranquil one for the rides of the Giro-E. The rolling stage along the coast finished up in the town of Messina. It was a welcome relief from the climbs of stage 1.



The Giro-E continues to follow the route of the main Giro until they reach the end in Verona. Stay tuned here for more updates about the Brainvest-Stoneweg team and their Racemax Boost rigs.


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