Best tires for RaceMax – Gravel Bike Tech

These are our favorite tires to get the most out of your 3T Exploro RaceMax

Understand more about the theory behind measuring tires using WAM & RAM in “How big is my tire?”

Step 1: Determine the width you need

To find the best tire, you need to know the approximate tire width. We’re talking the real width WAM of course, not the width on the tire label) you need where you ride. you can find more about that in “What tire do I need?”.

That blog post will give you some idea if you don’t know, and don’t worry too much about it. Estimate it the best you can, go get the tires and then you’ll learn if that was the right decision. If not, tires wear out and you’ll know to get bigger or smaller next time. In the meantime, just enjoy the riding regardless.

Step 2: What rim are you using?

Because WAM depends partially on the inner width of the rim, you might want to use a different tire on a different rim. This is not only important for tire fit but also for its performance. A very wide tire on a narrow rim is very flexible sideways, meaning that in corners your handling won’t feel as secure. So as you move from road tire widths (28-35mm) to real gravel widths (35+mm), you ultimately may also want a wider rim.

Step 3: Find the tire with your desired WAM and rim

As the WAM changes, so does the RAM. This is not so critical in most cases, but in the case of the Exploro RaceMax it is. At the same time we’re optimizing the tire width for your grip & puncture resistance, we’re optimizing the gap between tire and seattube cutout for aerodynamics. We recommend the tires below based on:

  • WAM & RAM
  • Tire profile
  • Casing design
  • Rolling resistance (keeping in mind the profile)
  • Puncture resistance (keeping in mind profile & weight)
  • Aerodynamics (this one is tough as we can’t put every tire in the wind tunnel)

Please note that while WAM & RAM measurements are more accurate than the dimensions on the tire label, there are still variations:

  • While inner rim width is the biggest rim factor, the exact shape of the rim bed and depth of the flanges also affects the shape and size of the tire mounted.
  • Tires vary due to production conditions, so two tires from different batches may size differently. That means an individual tire’s RAM may be off by a few mm (much less for WAM), and that is a lot when you’re trying to create a proper fit between tire and seat tube.

So with WAM and RAM, we’ve gotten closer to a solution but we’re not 100% there yet.

Always check for sufficient clearance between the specific tire you use and your bike frame irrespective of WAM & RAM listed here. 

35-42mm low profile (oversized road)

19mm inner widthPanaracerGravelKing slick35-62237352
19mm inner widthPanaracerGravelKing slick40-62239354
19mm inner widthPirelliCinturato Velo35-62234350
23mm inner widthPanaracerGravelKing slick35-62238352
23mm inner widthPirelliCinturato Velo35-62235352
25mm inner widthWTBExposure36-62238351
25mm inner widthPanaracerGravelKing slick35-62238352
25mm inner widthPirelliCinturato Velo35-62237350
29mm inner widthPirelliCinturato Velo35-62239348
29mm inner widthPanaracerGravelKing slick35-62240351
29mm inner widthPanaracerGravelKing slick40-62242352


35-42mm with profile

19mm inner widthSchwalbeG-One Allround35-62236351
19mm inner widthPanaracerGravelKing SK35-62238353
23mm inner widthSchwalbeG-One Allround35-62237351
23mm inner widthPanaracerGravelKing SK35-62238353
25mm inner widthWTBRiddler Fast light TCS37-62239352
25mm inner widthSchwalbeG-One Allround35-62238351
25mm inner widthSchwalbeG-One Speed TLE35-62237350
25mm inner widthSchwalbeG-One Speed TLE40-62240354
25mm inner widthPanaracerGravelKing SK35-62238351
25mm inner widthPanaracerGravelKing SK40-62241354
25mm inner widthPirelliCinturato Gravel H35-62237350
29mm inner widthSchwalbeG-One Allround TLE35-62239348
29mm inner widthSchwalbeG-One Speed TLE35-62240348
29mm inner widthSchwalbeG-One Bite TLE40-62242352
29mm inner widthSchwalbeG-One Speed TLE40-62242352
29mm inner widthPanaracerGravelKing SK35-62241350
29mm inner widthPirelliCinturato Gravel H35-62240350


53-61mm with profile

19mm inner widthVittoriaBarzo isotech 4c tnt27.5×2.25″55346
19mm inner widthVittoriaBarzo isotech 4c tnt27.5×2.1″53343
19mm inner widthSchwalbeG-One Allround TLE27.5×2.25″58343
23mm inner widthPanaracerGravel King SK27.5×2.1″56345
23mm inner widthVittoriaBarzo isotech 4c tnt27.5×2.1″53345
23mm inner widthSchwalbeG-One Allround TLE27.5×2.25″58345
28mm inner widthVittoriaBarzo isotech 4c tnt27.5×2.1″55351
28mm inner widthSchwalbeG-One Allround TLE27.5×2.25″61352
28mm inner widthContinentalRaceKing Perform.27.5×2.0″54348
28mm inner widthSchwalbeG-One Bite27.5×2.1″56348
28mm inner widthPanaracerGravel King SK27.5×2.1″58351