The RaceMax Enough Bike Build 2022

AKA why you never let pro riders build their own bike!

As the racing season kicks off for our favorite collective they’ll not just be turning heads with their performances ( both in the race and the after-party) but with their bikes as well.  Of course, we always expect magic from Tony Spray and he’s done his trick again in 2022.  This year’s more minimalist look will undoubtedly still turn heads, but Tony’s design lets the raw carbon do the talking.

The hardest part was probably matching the details in the logo to the details on the 2022 kits.

Pas Normal’s co-owner and creative director took inspiration from bands like Joy Division and Jazz artist John Coltrane. With the channeled emotions of their type of music acting as a good sounding board for the headspace, you might find yourself in on a long gravel ride.

Once the painting was completed, it was time to head over to Scavezzon to let the real mechanics do their work on the team bikes.


But I think we all know what would have happened if we left Mattia and Jacopo to their own devices…

In the end, it all worked out for the best and the crew was able to make it through the Gran Fondo Strada Bianche…. mostly unassisted.