Dream Build: The Strada Ekar Gold Splatter

Gee Milner does his magic again, this time with the Gold Splatter Strada Ekar 1x 13

The Campagnolo Ekar groupset and our Strada platform have a certain shared identity that makes them a perfect match. They’ve both pushed the traditional definition of the road bike. Do I need a front derailleur? Why do we ride 23mm tires when 28mm tires are faster and more comfortable? Ekar questioned groupsets in the same way. Why have the spread for easy climbing but not the small shifts we love from our traditional road gruppo?

So this was a combination that, in particular, deserved the Gee Milner treatment. So sit back and relax with a coffee or maybe even a chamomile tea if you like to watch these build videos to wind down.

The spatter on each of the Strada frames is unique, with each unit getting a slightly different speckled pattern on each frame. So while we don’t advertise this way, each of these frames does have a one-of-a-kind paint job.


It’s the nice extra touches like the custom top caps that really make these builds stand out.

Campagnolo’s components have always been renowned for bringing aesthetics along with exceptional functionality to their components. The Ekar groupset continues that tradition.


The finishing touches are applied before this Strada leaves the stand!

Want your own Gold Splatter Strada? We’ve got them in stock and ready to ship!