Get Creative: Contender’s Custom Strada

Sparkles + Fades + 1X this Strada ticks all our boxes

Putting together your own custom build is a joy every rider should get to experience.  Agonizing over every component, gear ratio, and gram is one of the pleasures only cyclists will understand. Our non-riding friends (if you have them) surely won’t get it.  But they probably think riding through 200 miles of Kansas grassland is weird too… oh well.

Addressing the drivetrain first, this custom Strada, built through Contender Bicycles in Utah, takes a somewhat unconventional approach to 1x gearing on the road. A standard Red or Force or even a Force AXS wide derailleur is normally what would see on a build like this.  But this Utah… the mountains there come at your thick and fast. So to not sacrifice any top-end speed, and to give those quads some relief when needed, the Eagle rear derailleur was the solution this bike called for.

Of course, the paint is the real star of any RTP bike. Contender’s in-house paint program gets the credit for this. If you’re interested they may even have a couple of frames left.

Fading from a midnight black to a sparkling candy red this Strada even looks fast even standing still. And as we all know Red and especially sparkling red is scientifically the fastest color.

If you’ve already got a local painter in mind you can always find your RTP frame here at  3T.Bike and if you have any questions about fit or sizing please don’t hesitate to give us a ring at

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