A Dream(Box) comes through

The DreamBox Is Now Shipping

The 3T DreamBox was created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of 3T, in collaboration with Castelli, Campagnolo, Pirelli, Elite, Fizik, Carbon-Ti, Kask and KOO

Back in August we launched our ‘DreamBox’ project to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our company. Together with Italian top brands like Castelli, Campagnolo, Pirelli, Elite, Fizik, Carbon-Ti, Kask and KOO we created this absolute magical DreamBox made with Italian craftmanship. At the heart of this Italian Dreambox is ofcourse the 3T RaceMax bike which we make in our own factory in Italy. This factory was a key part of our dream which we set out back in 2015. 

3T racemax made in italy

With great pride (and a lot of fun!) we prepared last week the first set of DreamBox’s to be delivered before Christmas. Seeing them aligned ready to go to their proud owners, we couldn’t avoid to drop a tear.  A very emotional moment!

Yesterday we brought the first DreamBox to our friends at Record Bike in Malo. And here came the challenge! Federico and Katia, the owners of Record Bike, wanted to have the DreamBox on their most important floor, the 3rd floor!! Yeah yeah, the 3rd floor!

But at 3T we like to make the impossible possible, and the DreamBox made it to the 3rd floor! Disassembling and assembling the DreamBox was required to achieve this. You can now go and watch the DreamBox at among other dealers Record Bike in Malo, Italy, Rinacente in Milano, Selfridges in Oxford Street in London, Pedal Cafe in Dubai, Hand Made in Weesp, the Netherlands, Campana EK in Burscheid, Germany, BikeCenter EK in Munich, Germany, and in Innsbruck. Or if you are so lucky to have a friend who bought one, in their home!

To learn more about the 60th Anniversary DreamBox, check out the dedicated page and watch the video below.