The RaceMax Ekar 13 Speed is Back in Stock!

Choose a Race or a Max Ekar build to fit your riding style.

They are back. Both our Race and Max Ekar 1×13 builds are now available to ship directly to your door before Christmas. If the Race build in Red/White gets you excited for the upcoming holidays it’s ready to go. Or if the electric Blue/Brown is more your thing we have both ready to keep you riding over the winter months.

If you’re the type of rider that rides regardless of the conditions we’ve also got our RaceMax fenders that’ll keep you dry no matter the weather.

It’s no secret, that here at 3T, we’re fans of 1x drivetrains for gravel riding. The varied and rough terrain means that your drivetrain undergoes greater demands than on a simple road ride. So when Campagnolo was developing their Ekar groupset and we saw the cassette options they were planning we were over the moon.

Both Race and Max builds come with the 9-42 cassette ( 9-10-11-12-13-14-16-18-21-25-30-36-42) that maximizes both top-end speed and the range to get over the longest and steepest climbs you can find.  You get the small gearing steps, that you are used to with a 2x setup, in the top half of the cassette, and then as you move down you get larger steps for the hillier terrain you’ll encounter.

Both bikes will come with Fulcrum’s Rapid Red 900 alloy wheels that have a 22mm internal channel that works great with the larger gravel tires you’ll be using on the bike.  While the cockpit comes complete with our classic Superergo Pro and Apto stem combo.


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