3T’s 60 year anniversary

Founded in 1961, 3T proudly celebrates 60 years of innovation this year. And today we unwrap a very special gift box: The Dreambox

When I became involved in 3T, it was because I loved its heritage. Always innovating, always pushing the boundaries, new designs & materials, proprietary production technology, the 3T history has it all.

At the same time, this heritage gives us a responsibility. We’re not so much the 3rd generation owners of 3T but its caretakers, making sure the company is ready for the future and the next generation.

Celebrating a 60th anniversary brings that into perspective; it’s a great moment to look back and see everything Mario Dedioniggi set out to do and how 3T has evolved in his spirit. And what better way to honor this heritage than to celebrate Italian production.

We do that with The Dreambox, a (I have to admit rather insane) automated bike garage filled with personalized parts made by the best craftspeople Italian cycling has to offer.

Of course there is the Racemax Italia, our new Made-in-Italy frame as part of our big project to bring high-end carbon fibre production back to Italy. Ready to take on any terrain yet superlight, finished in a special 60th anniversary paint scheme by our resident artist Tony Spray.

And because you cannot use Italy, bike heritage and innovation in one sentence without mentioning Campagnolo, the Ekar drivetrain comes of course from our friends in Vicenza. Complete with a customized Campagnolo corkscrew, an icon in its own right.

Lightweight goodies from Carbon Ti, apparel from Castelli, a helmet from Kask, glasses from Koo and bottle & cages from Elite, everything has been color-matched and customized to create the ultimate anniversary collection.

And then there is that bike garage. Click the remote control and it slides open, revealing your bike, clothing and all accessories. Everything perfectly ordered and highlighted with the built-in LEDs. Is it a little over the top? Probably. Is it nice? Definitely!

To learn more about the 60th Anniversary Dreambox, check out the dedicated page and watch the video below.