Mattia and the Jeroboam Altopiano: the story in a video

Planning a 300 km gravel route is not enough. Planning and then pedaling it together with all the participants to a successful event is! This could be the motto of Mattia de Marchi: we told his story in a video.

There are stories that start from very distant points but that are destined to meet sooner or later. In this case, we are talking about the story of Mattia De Marchi, an ultra cyclist with a past in professional cycling who has been engaging in all forms of pedaling possible on a gravel bike, preferably if very long and demanding. The story of the friendship between 3T and the Asiago plateau, born thanks to Antonio, Giulia, and the rest of the staff of the Col del Sole Bike Hotel. Finally, the story of the Jeroboam Series: a gravel ride circuit with routes up to 300 km for lovers of altitude gain and uneven surfaces.

At the end of May 2021, this synergy produced yet another beautiful resutl: the first edition of a Jeroboam in this area. It was Mattia who planned the routes and we wanted to follow him in his trip together with his teammates of Enough’s Cycling Collective.

The story of that 300 km and almost 9,000 meters of altitude gain is in this video.

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