Gravellata: a story of two brothers and their custom bikes

In the coming months we will follow four adventures of Luca and Andrea on their 3T bikes: "gravellate", as they call them. In the meantime, let's find out how their passion for illustration and cycling took shape on a RaceMax frame.

We are Andrea and Luca Martini, we have started riding bikes many years ago, it was our dad the one to take us on our first rides. He took us uphill right away, we struggled and we liked it, and we haven’t stopped cycling ever since.

We begun mountain biking and doing competitions. But Andrea also had another passion: drawing.

In 2016 we started working together: drawing digital illustrations, we begun calling ourselves “2BROS Creative”. It soon became our job.

After a lot of mountain biking we discovered the world of gravel biking, and it won us over. In 2020 we got an idea, which then turned into a goal: to combine this passion for cycling with our job. So we created “Gravellata”, our project of gravel biking, adventure and illustration. We called it so because that us what we say while making plans for the weekend:

Bro, what about Saturday? Gravellata?

Gravellata is illustration, therefore in our adventures we will be equipped with bags, shirts, water bottles and bicycles that have been coloured using our illustrations. In these products we wanted to draw people living various moments of travel and adventure, something we will do first-hand: someone is resting while eating a slice of pizza, somebody else keeps on riding among the gravel.

Yellow and purple are the main colours of this capsule collection: yellow is Andrea’s favourite colour, purple is Luca’s. To draw these illustrations we have started from pencil sketches on paper, that we have then vectorized on computer.

The most complex aspect in designing the bike frame was the one concerning the position of the illustrations on the bike fork. To do so we have created a scale model, on which we have printed the illustrations multiple times until we have found the perfect placement and joints.

Lara and Tony from “Tony Spray”, who are masters in their job, have been able to impress our idea and illustrations on the frame and the fork.

We have stayed one full day in their lab in Treviso, where we have taken some photos. It was such a beautiful day!

250km to the west, in the 3T headquarters in Presezzo, bike frames and components were assembled by Mario who, with experience and precision, has prepared two perfect bicycles.

The bikes are now oiled, their wheels have been inflated at 2.5 bar, and we are ready for the adventure. We will tell you how much we love cycling and we will do so by using our illustrations. Follow us on Instagram ( and Youtube (Gravellata).