Superghiaia Gravel Bars Back in Stock!

Also Superergo Ltd and Aeroflux Ltd bars are available again

When we launched the Superghiaia bar a couple of years ago, the bar became an instant success and the bar of choice of many gravel enthusiasts. Combining the top section from our award winning Superergo bar, with wider drops gives you all the comfort features of the Superergo with increased control. Thus absolutely ideal for gravel rides.

But with the craziness in the bike supply chain, we have been out of stock for this very popular bar for many months. But here is the good news: the Superghiaia is back in stock and available to order now! So is the matching Apto stem, in all sizes.

And if you prefer the Superergo, the bar of choice for road cyclist, or the speed of the Aeroflux bar, these are also IN STOCK and ready to order. There has never been a better moment to upgrade your bike!

Aeroflux LTD

Superergo LTD