The earth is blue, explore you can do

Introducing the new Exploro Max Ekar 1x13

The new blue earth Racemax frame combined with Ekar 1x13 groupset, 650B Fulcrum wheels and matching gravel apparel is shipping now!

It’s always a good time for a Space Oddity reference!

Last year we launched our first Exploro RACE bike with Campagnolo EKAR 1×13 in a very racy red/white color combination and 700c wheels. The bike was an instant hit and remains very popular: I am proud to see so many Exploro Race EKAR 1×13 bikes around the world today.

Not a surprise maybe, as the 13-speed Ekar groupset is a marvel of technology and a perfect match for the Racemax frameset. So today we are proudly presenting the same combination of frame and group but in a MAX version. That means it comes with 650B wheels and a few other tweaks to make it a true “go anywhere” bike.

To express that this bike can take you anywhere in the world, we choose to launch this new model with a new color scheme: blue as the clear blue sky, and brown representing the earth. The end result is stunning if I may say so myself; I find it one of the best color schemes so far. You can find the full spec and prices here.

The Exploro Blue/Brown is also available as a frameset. Unfortunately most bikes are already sold out, but we have reserved a few bikes for immediate delivery for the lucky ones among you that order right away: act fast as I expect these will be gone very quickly.

As we all truly loved this new color combination for the Exploro MAX EKAR 1×13, we decided to introduce at the same time a matching clothing line.

We have both male and female cuts available. Clothing is in stock in all sizes, so get yours right now!