Gravel Grinding on the Texas plains

Vaccine appointments and gravel racing... just a regular weekend for 3T ambassador Christie Tracy

I’d never raced Castell Grind before, but had heard that it is 100% a must-do race in Central, TX. Registration always sells out in under 5 minutes, so I was stoked to have a spot in this year’s race, however I got the opportunity to get the J&J shot on Friday, and I couldn’t pass that up. But knew that it may result in my having to miss Castell. Fortunately, I woke up Sat morning feeling fine, so off to the race, I went!

It was SO GREAT seeing a ton of gravel (& roadie) friends that I hadn’t seen in ages, the weather was absolutely perfect, and the course was stunningly beautiful, with breathtaking views of the Llano river & TX farmlands.

The legendary Keyersville Rd did not disappoint with it’s 7 miles of sand, and there was also a good bit of washboard, but plenty of fast rolling gravel & sunshine as well ☀️

I spent much of the day solo, not wanting to push too hard & overtax my immune system, which gave me the opportunity to really enjoy the course ☺️. Unfortunately, the Vax Fatigue & Muscle Aches hit me like a ton of bricks with 10 miles remaining (just as the sand and washboard intensified 🤣), but I managed to make my way across finish line, and hold of chasers for the W!”