Costa Rica Gravel Challenge opened the Jeroboam Series 2021

First Jeroboam of 2021 took place last week in the beautiful Costa Rica, with spectacular scenic views of the sunset in the Pacific Ocean.

For the second consecutive year the Jeroboam Gravel Challange took place in Nosara where, through the dusty streets, 94 riders decided to take part this successful event.

The competition started on February 26th and ended on 28th and it had 35 partecipants in 300 km, 45 riders in 150 km and 14 partecipants in 75 km.

In those days there was also full Moon so it was an amazing experience for the riders pedaling all night in the moonlight which helped them with visibility.

All the guys in 300 km started on Friday at 3:30pm: the first rider arrived at 8.30am on Saturday while the last one arrived in the afternoon at 5:00pm.

Each participant was able to see the sunset while pedaling along a coastal road,  the view of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean was amazing!