Let’s go Jeroboam Japan!

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JEROBOAM JAPAN will be held in Miyagi Prefecture at the end of May as part of the Jeroboam Gravel Challenge all over the world.

The stage of JEROBOAM JAPAN is the northern part of Miyagi prefecture, which is one of the leading forest road areas in Tohoku. In Italy, JEROBOAM takes a route that goes around high mountains at an altitude approximately of 2000m above sea level while running through wineries and vineyards, and Miyagi was chosen because it runs through sake breweries and rice fields when replaced with Japan.


JEROBOAM JAPANは今年、世界中で行われるJEROBOAM グラベルチャレンジの一環として、5月の終わりに宮城県で開催される。

JEROBOAM JAPANの舞台は東北有数の林道エリアである宮城県北部。イタリアではワイナリーとブドウ畑を駆け抜けながら、標高2000mほどの高山も巡るルートをとるJEROBOAM、日本に置き換えると酒蔵と水田を駆け抜けるという事で宮城というフィールドが選ばれた。

created by dji camera

A gravel challenge of 300km. There is much one whether “gravel has 300km” when I hear this, but, as for “the gravel challenge,” the whole line takes the route which put a gravel path and paths of pavement together not only a gravel path. The sudden up and the mountain bike which has suspension when a dangerous footing sets a route in many gravel only and is comprised of the light gear ratio are easy to run predominantly. A gravel challenge is a combination of pavement part and gravel, and the performance of the gravel bike will be shown. What use the drop bar which can take the positions more various than a flat bar may run more easily at run time to need from 10 hours to 20 hours.



The route will be announced to participants right in front of an event reception desk just before the event is accepted. Considering that the road may collapse during winter or when the snow melts, only the rough distance and the altitude obtained can be known as reference values ​​at present.
In addition, Magnum 150km and Standard 75km will start on Saturday morning on the 24th and reach the goal on the same day, but for Jeroboam 300km, after the start on Saturday morning, the first day stage of 150km-180km will end. After getting some sleep, we will start again the next Sunday morning and plan for the second day, 150km-120km. Considering the habitat of bears, JEROBOAM JAPAN is planning a schedule that does not run on forest roads at night.
The altitudes to be acquired are planned to be 6520m for the Jeroboam 300, 3,260m for the Magnum 150, and 1,620m for the Standard 75. Around 50% of the route consists of gravel sections, and the Jeroboam 300 and Magnum 150 are tough routes with about 16% gravel climbing.



また、マグナム150km、スタンダード75kmは24日土曜朝スタートしその日のうちにゴールを迎えるがジェロボーム300kmについては土曜朝スタートの後、150km~180kmの初日ステージを終了。睡眠をとったうえで翌日日曜の朝に再度スタートし2日目のステージである150km~120kmを予定している。熊の生息域である事も配慮し、夜間の林道走行はしない日程をJEROBOAM JAPANでは予定している。




Let’s introduce the MY EXPLORO which I used for reference of the bike & equipment on examining a route:

  • A frame: 3T EXPLORO LTD
  • A wheel: 3T DISCUS C35 TEAM
  • A tire: KENDA FLINTRIDGE 700x40c
  • A chain wheel: 46/34T
  • A sprocket: 11/34T

When I partecipate in a gravel challenge, two points to worry about are tire&wheel size and gear settings. For the wheel size, choose a 700c wheel that is superior in running performance and cruising on paved roads. The tire size is set to 40c in consideration of the fact that rocky point coming out concerning just after the thaw. If you enter a forest road in a state where you know that the condition is good, you can run more easily if you give a light feeling on the paved road at about 35c, but if you do not know the condition, you can wear tires with a sense of security It’s best to choose. Bring two spare tubes in case of a flat tire.

The gear setting depends on distinctions in racing, but I want a gear ratio of at least 1:1 and considering that it will run on paved roads for a long time, double gears will be easier to use at the front. In addition, walking on a uphill slope is a unique sight of the gravel challenge. A choice having one the up of the hard slope with many energy consumptions walking to keep energy. For this reason, it is good to use gears that are not too light. There is a slope with a slope of 16%, but I specialize only there in long distance and do not need to take measures.











The installation of the preservation appliance such as a light and the bell become required to run a road about the accessories. One place of aid station on Standard 75k. Two places on Jeroboam 300k and Magnum 150k. I reccomend carrying of with two water bottles or the hydration bag because the number of a convenience store and vending machines is limited other than it. Various bags for carry supplementary lunch become required.



When rain and temperature will drop consider that they withdraw, let alone a helmet, the cap wants to cover, too. It will be good to tie a rainwear to your bike. You may want to wear a thing such as a windbreaker and the gilet to a fast-dry high bike wear sometimes to cope with temperature which changes drastically depending on the degree of clouds and sunny days, such as around 7 to 20 degrees Celsius.




Like Italian JEROBOAM, the guidance is not set up at all on the route, and all the participants will run about a route in GPX. Therefore, it is essential to carry a cycle computer and the smartphone that can display a route is required.



created by dji camera

In the town of Kami, which is the start and finish area, there will be a food booth where you can eat delicious food using local ingredients, as well as a test drive booth where children and their families can ride their bicycles. Beautiful scenery called Kami Fuji spreads through the outskirts and after having enjoyed cycling and a gourmet food, you enter the “Onsen hot spring” and can spend time there. The environment where it is a shame that craft beer and the local brew are enriched and return only by a gravel challenge. You can fully enjoy it for event days even if you come with your family



The sake of the JEROBOAM JAPAN bottle by sake brewery “Ichinokura Sake Brew brewing” of Osaki will be distributed as prize for participants.
In Italy, Wine, Japan is Sake! A gravel challenge to be carried out on the stage of Miyagi of Rice & Sake. I consider the circumstances of these days, and capacity plans holding in the small scale with 50 people very much.


参加賞には、大崎市の酒蔵「一ノ蔵酒造」によるJEROBOAM JAPAN瓶の日本酒が配布される。


This will be JEROBOAM JAPAN GRAVEL CHALLENGE 2021, from May 28th to 30th! More info here

Kami, Miyagi JAPAN

300km, 150km and 75km


Below Jeroboam Japan test ride: