Founders Edition frame presentation post

How we did it

Here we will explain why we brought the procution back to Italy and how we are manufacturing these frames. Image here:

How it will look

Here we will show how the frame will look like. Images from the presentation here: pres.3T_Exploro_Racemax_Founders edition_R02

How to get one?

By clicking one of the links below you confirm that you understand exactly what you are purchasing: 1 of the first 100 production slots for the Racemax Italia. As the owner of this production slot, you are entitled to convert it into a frame in the size of your choice when your slot comes up in the production sequence. To this end, we will contact you in advance to determine the frame size and also any customizations you may wish (such as your name on the top tube). Since you are the full owner of this production slot, you are also entitled to sell this slot to somebody else at any time and for any price. This lies outside of the control and responsibility of 3T. We do kindly ask you to inform us of such a sale of your production slot so that we may contact the correct owner about frame sizing and preferences.

Alternatively, e-mail us at