New Year’s Eve with Exploro in Japan

“Gunma” is located in the central part of Japan. Katashina-Village is the heavy snowfall area, Takasaki-is the city where commerce is prosperous.

Cycle House WISH is a 3T Experience Center and the store manager, Ryoko, who is also the ambassador of Italian apparel DOTOUT, rides EXPLORO with each style in Japan on the last day of the year.

Christmas illuminations shined gorgeously in Takasaki-City and one side enjoyed the snow ride of the snow scene in Katashina-Village.

Snow ride that he attaches the tire of the 27.5×2.2 inch to EXPLORO in the fresh snow which laid thick to knee-length degree.  (He attaches 27.5×2.2” tire to his Exploro for snow ride. The fresh snow is at the knee height.)

The fresh snow was easy to run and he spent quiet time in snow.

Let’s go out with EXPLORO for the time when the end of the year is heartwarming for illuminations in Takasaki on the same day.

For decoration set up, she feels the cold atmosphere pleasantly for some reason especially.


3T エクスペリエンスストアであるサイクルハウスWISHの店長と、イタリアンアパレルDOTOUTのアンバサダーであるRyokoさんがそれぞれのスタイルで大晦日の日本をEXPLOROライド。



膝丈程度まで降り積もった新雪の中、EXPLORO に27.5×2.2インチのタイヤを装着してのスノーライド。





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3T Experience Center Cycle house WISH 1-7-5 Amagawaramachi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma, Japan