3T #Soloboam – 150km Japan Solo Edition

Unfortunately, this year’s JEROBOAM GRAVEL CHALLENGE has been canceled because of Covid-19. I was one of those people who were looking forward to organizing an event to liven up the cool autumn in Italy, so I regret the cancellation. I just hope that JEROBOAM will be held in the same style from next year, but in order to satisfy the desires of explorers who can’t wait for it, “SOLOBOAM GRAVEL CHALLENGE” was held from September 19, 2020.

I just hope that JEROBOAM will be held in the same style from next year, but in order to satisfy the desires of explorers who can’t wait for it, “SOLOBOAM GRAVEL CHALLENGE” was held from September 19, 2020. It is a shared event that starts / finishes 3T bike experience shops set up all over the world and runs a course including a gravel section of 150km or 300km with a very small number of people.

After completing the ride, the log data recorded by the GPS device is submitted and certified, so even alone can take on the challenge at any time. We made a plan and a challenge for the 150km course with my friend Yasu on September 21(holiday in Japan ♪).

今年9月に予定されながらも、残念な事に中止となったJEROBOAM GRAVEL CHALLENGE 。涼しいイタリアの秋を熱く盛り上げるイベントとして、僕も開催を楽しみにしていた一人として中止が悔やまれる。

早く日常を取り戻し、来年からは変わらぬスタイルでJEROBOAMが開催されることを願うばかりだが、それを待てない冒険者たちの欲求を満たすべく、2020年9月19日より「SOLOBOAM GRAVEL CHALLENGE」がイタリア3Tにて企画される運びとなった。世界各地に設置されている3Tバイクエクスペリエンスストアをスタート/ゴールとし、極少人数で150kmまたは300kmのグラベル区間を含むコースを走破する共有型イベント。見事完走したら、GPSデバイスにより記録したログデータを提出し認定してもらうスタイルのため、一人でも、いつでもチャレンジが可能だ。


One of the experience shops, Cycle House WISH Maebashi shop, it started at 7:00. Commemorative photo while maintaining social distance!

群馬で唯一のエクスペリエンスストア「サイクルハウスWISH 前橋南店」を朝7:00にスタート。ソーシャルディスタンスを保ちつつ記念撮影。

On weekdays, the street in front of the station, which I ride while avoiding businessmen rushing to the office, also shows the calmness of a holiday.



Famous five-forked road in Maebashi. Isn’t roundabouts unfamiliar in Japan?


Looking up at Akagi Otorii, which is 21.3m high. Torii gates that can be passed through by car are rare.


It seems that there are more than 300 “Akagi Shrines” nationwide, but this is the “Miyosawa Akagi Shrine” which is said to be the original.


How cute! Pray for the Guardian Dog along the way.


Go over the groove that separates the tarmac and gravel. It’s the entrance to an extraordinary life.


The forest road is popular with off-road bike enthusiasts. They would have been a little surprised seeing us biking.


Ride through the Japanese pampas grass. It’s early for the autumn leaves, but the moment when I feel autumn.


The tarmac section that suddenly appears.


Pass by the mossy wall. I also want to see the contrast when the trees turned red.


A cold cold spring comes out.



It’ll be a tarmac section for a while from here. I lowered the tire pressure before entering the gravel part, but the gravel part will appear after this, and above all, it’s comfortable to ride at low pressure, so I’ll continue to ride so for a while.


Kifune Shrine in Midori City. More than 200,000 people worship every year just for the first visit of the year.


“Kodaira no Oosugi” which is said to be 1000 years old. It boasts a root circumference of 7.8m.


Enter the Odaira forest road. This is also the best gravel part.


The downhill part is quite high speed, so it’s very important to take the line.


The rugged course requires skill in pedaling on the uphill section.



From here, it’ll be the tarmac section. Although it is a short trip that is not chased by time, it seems that it is a little too laid back and the sunset is approaching. However, in spite of the beautiful magic hour, I released the binding pedal and held the camera instead. The sight of this moment spreading in front of me can never be seen tomorrow.


Overlooking the Takasu River flowing under the cliff. There are traces of collapse everywhere, and it’s a little creepy.


The light is on because the sunset is near.


It’s difficult to enjoy magic hours in the mountains on weekdays when working.


A steep area that is closed to traffic when it rains a lot.


Cross the truss-structure Taisho Bridge that straddles the Tone River and enter the cycling road.


We finished at Cycle House WISH Maebashi shop. Commemorative photo while keeping social distances.

150kmを走破し、「サイクルハウスWISH 前橋南店」へ無事ゴール。ソーシャルディスタンスを保ちつつ記念撮影


I left the city early in the morning, passed through several gravel roads, was impressed by the sunset, which I rarely look up at, and returned without fear of sunset. The mileage is about 153km / altitude of about 2600m, which is not easy, but I learned a lot from SOLOBOAM about the charm of gravel bikes that can be played differently from road bikes and mountain bikes. The Covid-19 continues to threaten the world, but I realized that cycle sports, which can be enjoyed by a large number of people as well as a small number of people and are less likely to be crowded, are a wonderful recreation that matches the present age.



走行距離:152.96km                                              Mileage: 152.96 km

獲得標高:2626m                                                      Altitude: 2626 m

走行時間:8時間55分                                                  Travel time: 8 hours 55 minutes

平均速度:17.1km                                                     Average speed: 17.1 km

所要時間:13時間30分                                              TIme required: 13 hours 30 minutes