3T #Soloboam – Jeroboam solo edition

Plan a 300 km long route with as much gravel as possible, enjoy the ride and then share the best moments with us: this is the way to become a 3T #Soloboam finisher and get the dedicated patch.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, with almost all in-person events being cancelled. The Jeroboam Series was no exception. We were only able to move forward with a small fraction of our calendar and our flagship event Jeroboam Franciacorta was ultimately halted before the gun went off this year.

But the spirit of Jeroboam lives on, despite not being able to host all our friends and greater gravel family this year. We still ride the type of routes that inspired the original event in fact, Niccolò, Mauro, Eric and Simone went out in search of new trails for the 2021 edition just a few weeks back. Inspired by their big ride, we are inviting everyone to take on their own challenge to create a 300km ride.

We decided to call this challenge the 3T #Soloboam.


On the website solo.jeroboam.bike we have published some of the routes of the past Jeroboams. Many others will be added after the first riders will complete their Soloboam.

For everyone who manages to complete their 300km Jeroboam route, we’ll send you a commerative patch created by our friend Fabio Consoli to mark your accompllishement! Once you’ve completed your route simply send in the GPS file and your shipping address to info@jeroboam.bike.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Soloboam on all your social channels!

Visit solo.jeroboam.bike