GET CREATIVE – Johnny Hoogerland’s new Strada Due

The new Strada Due by Johnny Hoogerland is a graphic project born from an idea of ​​his wife Gerda: the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down its realization a lot, but finally Johnny can take it around Carinthia.

The first thing we have to say about this bike is that its birth was neither quick nor painless: at the end of last year it seemed a good idea to leave Johnny the possibility of creating a frame paint according to his taste for 2020. Unfortunately, like many other things, this project has also been very slowed by the Covid-19 pandemic and so, the bike that should have been ready at the beginning of the year, was delivered only a few days ago.

However the result is a reward for our patience, because we like this bike very much.

The graphic scheme was born from a domestic discussion: Johnny was uncertain on how to exploit the freedom to decide the design of his bike and so he entrusted himself to his wife Gerda. She suggested the camouflage and, after some attempts and adjustments, the result is what you see.

Johnny’s bike is now a unique piece and the only solution to see it is to visit the Pension Hoogerland that Johnny and Gerda manage (if you do it on October 1st, you can also take part in the first edition of the Jeroboam Austria), but nothing prevents us from making others with the same graphic scheme and different builds.

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