GET CREATIVE – Gravel Epic Special

Things don't always turn out the way they should, but if there is commitment, a result always comes: in this case a beautiful Exploro special edition that you can also buy and receive immediately!

If everything had gone according to plans, the calendar of the Gravel Epic Series would have reached its turning point right now: behind us the emotions of the debut with the African stage in Morocco and the loop around the picturesque Lake Bled, in the coming days we would’ve been riding on the slopes of the Mt. Etna volcano and then the gathering of all the gravel racers in their temple: Girona.

Instead, as we all know, this year nothing went according to plans and some of these countries were profoundly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: as a result, all the scheduled races had to be canceled.
Before all this happened we had worked hard on a custom design, with Ralph and Tim, the creators of Gravel Epic,  that could showcase the spirit of gravel racing on the surface of an Exploro frame and the design we created is what you see in this rendering.


Our friend and extraordinary artist Tony Spray, however, managed to create a product that went beyond our expectations: perhaps even more beautiful than how we had designed it.

The frame was supposed to go to the winner of one of the races but, as we will not have any winner, we decided to complete the assembly and make it a bike that is now in our offices in Bergamo, still and motionless, for now.  The words “The adventure is open” are painted on the frame and we would like to find who is really able to use this bike for their own adventures.

The bike is built with Shimano GRX group, 700c Fulcrum wheels and 3T cockpit. It is available for immediate delivery in size Small for € 4,199. Obviously, it is possible to request upgrades such as the Torno carbon crank or the Discus 45 | 32 or Discus i28 carbon wheels.,

For all the necessary information, contact us through our chat or email