New Exploro PRO 105 with 2×11 drivetrain

Love Shimano and 2x drivetrains? This Exploro is fast & nimble on- and off-road at an unbeatable price.

When I started in the bike industry, the strongest brand in the market was “Ultegra”. Not a bike brand, not even a component brand, but the name of a model line.

And Ultegra deserved that position, it was a great group at a great price. Over the years, Ultegra has become even better. Unfortunately the price has also gone up significantly too.

At the same time, Shimano’s 105 group – traditionally below Ultegra – has improved even more. In fact it is now almost indistinguishable from Ultegra when you ride it. The main difference is not how well it works (it’s amazing) but image and most importantly price.

That makes 105 the Ultegra of this decade, minus the consumer appreciation. And therefore an ideal groupset to make an Exploro with great functionality at a great price; Introducing the Exploro PRO 105 at $2,999.

So whether you’re a true and true Shimano fan or a fan of 2x drivetrains, this spec combined with its striking color scheme (the white is extremely vibrant in the light, the photos don’t do it justice) could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Further spec includes a 3T cockpit, Shimano RS-170 wheelset, WTB tires & saddle and a Praxis Alba crank with 30mm axle (lighter and stiffer than the standard 24mm axle). So it’s really spec’d for speed on-road and off.

Full spec is here. If you have any questions, ask them below or contact our staff.