Tech Talk #01: Gerard Vroomen live

A completely different look at tire sizing

With most events cancelled, why not join us online instead. We have Tech Talks online with Gerard Vroomen live twice today: first session at 11 AM CEST/5AM EDT and second session at 8 PM CEST/3 PM EDT

At 3T we love events, both to ride them and to display our bikes. Offering test rides, answering questions, solving problems – expos are never boring.

So instead of our usual monthly “where to meet us around the world” posts, here are the ways you can joins us virtually.

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3T Tech Talk #1: A completely different look at tire sizing

Monday April 20: 10am BST; 11am CEST; 5am EDT; 8pm AEDT

Monday April 20: 7pm GMT; 8pm CEST; 2pm EDT; 11am PDT

What is it?

Especially for gravel, people debate tire width endlessly. But what does width really mean? How do 50 of the most popular tires really measure up? How do I choose the right width for the terrain? And are those even the right questions?

This tech talk will include a short presentation followed by lots of opportunity to ask questions. These can be about this specific topic or about any other tech question you have. You can ask questions in advance through the comments section below or ask them during the event.

How does it work?

We’ll hold the Tech Talk twice so that everybody can attend regardless of time zone. At one of the times indicated above, come to this blog post. You can watch the recorded presentation here.

Second session: Monday April 20: 7pm BST; 8pm CEST; 2pm EDT; 11am PDT

First session: Monday April 20: 10am GMT; 11am CEST; 5am EDT; 8pm AEDT

CRIT CITY RACE with The Rolling Dreamers

Saturday 18th April 10:30 AM

What is it?

Crit City Races are brought to you by the folks at Zwift HQ. It’s a race so there is no ride leader. Go for the win, a personal best, or just try to get the best workout possible. Results are shown as you cross the finish line. We will join the event with our ambassadors “The Rolling Dreamers” and… with you!

How does it work?

  • Download and install the Zwift app.
  • Look for the event “Crit City Race” and join the group that better fits your level (more details here)
  • Cycle with The Rolling Dreamers and all the other participants!

Past events

Roubaix Race Royal Classic with Frank Schleck on Zwift

Friday 10th April 3:25 PM

What is it?

The second stage of “The Royal Classics”: a “race experience” workout series aiming to bring the spirit of these unique events to Watopia. Based on one of the toughest cycling events on the calendar, The Roubaix Royal Classic has tons of intervals that represent specific sections of the course. You will be able to face them together with our ambassador Frank Schleck.

How does it work?

  • Download and install the Zwift app.
  • Look for the event “Royal Classics Workout: Roubaix Men’s Race Royal Classic” and join the group with the same name (more details here)
  • Cycle with Fränk and all the other participants, including Philippe Gilbert and Anna van der Breggen at the exact starting time.

Do you want to win a 3T carbon handlebar and Schleck X-perience jerseys? Take a picture of you while attending the event and tag the @3tbike and @schleckxperience channels in your IG story tomorrow and we will choose the most originals ones.