Strada THM Project bike

Sometimes it's nice to just ignore reason and build something cool, just because you can. And when you do that with an "insane German engineering" theme, the result can be very exotic, logical and yes, in a sense, reasonable. Just the price tag is not.

At 3T, we build performance bikes. But our main goal is actually something much harder to define and grasp: “fun”. We want people to enjoy riding our bikes, whether it is through the exhilarating speed and pure simplicity of the Strada or the obstacle-crushing Exploro.

And fun can extend far beyond just the riding of the bike; the planning, spec’ing and buying of the bike should in and of itself be a fun experience. The spec’ing of a project bike with parts rarely used certainly is.

For this Project bike we went to our sister company THM for the stem, handlebar and crank. Each of these is hand-made in Alt-Duvenstedt, Germany, with a level of attention to detail not found anywhere else. Nowhere other than at the 3T factory in Italy that is, since a lot of the THM production technology went into the 3T Torno production unit there.

What’s nice about the THM parts is that despite being ultralight, they also rank among the highest in stiffness and strength. So you can have your cake and eat it too, it’s just not an inexpensive cake.

For the wheels, we contacted our friends at another German carbon wizard: Lightweight. Their Meilenstein tubular disc wheels are a marvel of engineering and a perfect complement to the Strada THM Project frameset.

Such a special bike calls for a special paint scheme, in this case our Concept 3 scheme in THM gunmetal/white/teal colors.

The THM Project frame kit (including THM parts) with Concept 3 paint a is now available in limited quantities and can be assembled custom for you with SRAM Red or Shimano parts and a variety of options.

The final result? A very slick build at 5.8-6.2kg depending on the exact spec you choose. That’s a weight unheard of for a bike that people would think is “triple-handicapped” for low weight: it’s fully aero, it’s ultra comfortable and it has disc brakes. So yes, it’s a crazy build, but also an entirely “rational” one.

In the photo above you see a possible Shimano build, while the suggested SRAM Red spec & prices can be found here. For other options, please feel free to contact us at

At launch, the bikes will be visible at: