3T Bike Protection

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Bicycle cover for home, office and car. Cocoons your bike frame and tires in a super-stretchy, beautifully designed bike cover that holds dirt inside, at the bottom, while your space stays neat and tidy.

When the team of Velosock, the Latvian company focused on making the best bike covers, showed me their Bike Cover, i immediately thought it would be cool to make a 3T edition for our customers. And so we did. Today we added the 3T Bike Cover by Velosock in our store, available right now.
And its super easy to install, watch the short video:
The 3T Bike Cover by Velosock:
Keeps floors & walls protected from dirt and tire marks
Fits the 3T Strada and Exploro…and 99% of other bikes
Absorbs moisture & dries fast
10 seconds to fit
The bike cover has won many of the most significant cycling industry awards like ISPO, Interbike and German Design Award. Loved byBikeRadar.com,CyclingWeekly.com,Inhabitat.com,BlessThisStuff.comand many more. Chosen by thousands of bicycle owners around the world.


Thank you Velosock on behalf of all 3T customers!