Don’t miss your chance to win one of 24 great prizes!

Despite the recent happenings at our factory building in Italy, we want to celebrate Christmas the right way. No bad news may bring down the spirit of the season. Today we invite you to take part in our giveaways and celebrate Chri3Tmas with 3T and friends!

“Friends make the good times worth it, the bad times better, and all the other moments memorable” they say. Now that the year is slowly coming to an end we can look back on a lot of unforgettable memories with all of you. Whether that were your sighs of achievement at our Jeroboam bike fest, the smiles from ear to ear after a test ride at worldwide 3T demo events, or simply reading through genuine comments and messages on this blog and our other social channels – we truly appreciate your efforts of getting in touch with us and always sharing a good time.

Especially during the last days and week we have received an overwhelming amount of emails, messages, and comments about the incident of 20 bikes being stolen from our factory building. Not surprisingly you seemed to be as shocked as we were and still are. But more importantly, you offered not only uplifting words, but your kind help to make the best out of the situation.

Since the month of December heralds the season of giving back and doing good, we thought to share our gratitude with those that are most important to us at 3T. All of you make up our community, and now all of you have the chance to participate in our 24-day Christmas giveaway on our social media platforms.

Starting today you have the chance to win one of 24 great prizes from 3T and partnering brands who joined to celebrate with us. On our Instagram page you can find daily posts with detailed instructions on how to enter and win. Head over there now, the first giveaway is already running!