New 3T Kits, made in Italy, in stock

Bike gear line designed by Andrea from Bikeinside, made in Italy

Together with Bikeinside, we have developed a range of cycling kits, all made in Italy and in stock right now.

I have know Andrea, the founder and owner of Bikeinside for many years now. I admired his designs, which for me are original, daring, stylish and an expression of his strong passion for his work. Last year we were having a chat over a true Italian espresso, when he proposed me to design a few jersey’s and bib shorts for 3T. I was thrilled! We went through an intense process of sketches, samples, colors, material choices, etcetera. Today I am proudly presenting you the results of our collaboration:


      LTD Cycling Kit

The LTD line is designed for the “real enthusiast” looking for a cycling kit that is technologically advanced. The extraordinary quality of the fabrics and the subtle details really make a difference: the front, rear, neck and pocket have carbon fibre woven into the jersey. A true piece of high tech in stylish black/grey with a subtle 3T logo.


      TEAM Cycling Kit

The TEAM cycling kit is designed for those who are constantly looking to compete. The cycling kit is SLIM fit, like a second skin, to ensure maximum performance at all times. Obviously the TEAM cycling kit has all kind of neat features such as silicone bands for better fit, reflective label for better visibility and a pocket to store your credit card. Its my personal favorite design.

PRO Cycling Kit

The PRO cycling kit is absolutely a beauty and suits the cycle tourist as well as the fanatics. With a play on the 3T red box, this kit is a full expression of Italian design, simplicity and quality.

Another unique aspect of the 3T cycling kits is that they are all made in Italy. The cycling kits are all in stock right now, so pick your favorite jersey and go ride! There is nothing wrong looking great while riding.